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Hair Loss from Cancer Treatments

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Women find that losing their hair as a result of cancer treatment is one of the most distressing side effects.

Your hair is likely an impart of your self-image and losing it may affect your confidence and self-esteem. You may find it easier to deal with your anticipated hair loss if you are prepared with information and knowledge of the different services, products and choices available to you.


For many of us, the way we feel about ourselves is closely linked to the way we look, and so losing our hair can be devastating. You may feel unattractive and unfeminine. You may feel angry that this has happened on top of your cancer diagnosis and treatments.

Hair Loss may also make you feel vulnerable and exposed, particularly as it’s such a visible side effect and can also be a constant reminder of your treatments, labelling you as a ‘cancer patient’. Such reactions are completely normal and understandable, and you may find it takes some time to adjust to losing your hair.

It’s up to you who you will tell about losing your hair. Some people tell just their family and close friends, while others are happy to let everyone know. Of course if you choose to wear scarves or not to cover your head; your hair loss may be more obvious, while if you choose to wear a wig that looks like your own hair many people may not notice that you’ve lost your hair.

People will respond to you losing your hair in different ways, and you may find some reactions difficult to deal with. If people don’t know what to say it may help to put them at their ease if you bring the subject up first. You need to be prepared for the possibility that not everyone will be as supportive as you’d like, and that can be hurtful. But lots of people will react well, so try not to withdraw from your friends or your social life. At Truly You we will do our very best to help you find the right wig for you and bring you comfort and confidence.

Only at Truly You find COMFORT in your scalp with our WELL BEING KIT to take you through treatments and beyond, and helping to soothe your scalp and re-grow your hair.

For those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, capillary and sebaceous gland activity is sharply reduced, causing the scalp and skin to dry out considerably as well as leading to temporary hair loss.
The Well-Being Care Kit helps you fully hydrate your scalp during treatments and ensures vigourous regrowth after hair loss, thanks togentle natural ingredients specifically adapted to your condition. Indeed, this premium scalp health-care solution provides optimal care before, during and after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Once treatment has ended, special hydration baths offered at TrulyYou will help improve the harsh side-effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy and work to restore hydration and flexibility to the scalp


Everyone will find their own way of dealing with hair loss, but you may find it helps to talk to others who have been through the same experience.

Some great resources are:

  • Look Good Feel Better Program
  • The Canadian Cancer Society
  • Wellspring Support Services
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Support Services
  • Rethink Breast Cancer
  • Burlington Breast Cancer Support Services
  • Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada
  • Facing Cancer.ca

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