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Reactional Hair Loss (called Telogen Effluvium)

Telegoen Effluvium, commonly known as Reactional Hair Loss, refers to increased hair shedding due to stress, trauma or severe illness.

About Telgoen Effluvium

Physical or emotional stress can trigger hair loss whether people are predestined to lose their hair or not. The effects are usually not permanent, however for people with hereditary hair loss, stress can speed up the process. The stress experienced is usually quite sever for it to cause hair loss, such as the loss of loved one, severe illness, drastic weight loss, or emotional stress. You may notice excessive hair shedding 4 weeks to 3 months after an illness, major surgery, or traumatic event.

Why does the happen? The body simply shuts down production of hair during periods of stress since it is not necessary for survival and instead devotes its energies towards repairing vital body functions. These conditions cause hair to shift rapidly into a resting phase, meaning you will see less new hair growth. A normal amount of hair typically will appear after the growth phase resumes. This means that the total hair loss and re-growth cycle can last 6 months or possibly longer when induced by physical and emotional stress. However, for people with hereditary hair loss, stress may speed up the hair loss process and your hair may not return to the fullness you desire.

There are other health conditions which may go undetected that can contribute to hair loss. They include anemia, low blood count and thyroid abnormalities. These conditions can be detected by a simple, inexpensive blood test.

Reactional  Hair Loss can also occur after child birth. At about the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, the fetus uses a significant portion of its mothers amino acids. Consequently, between 3 months and 1 year post childbirth, the mother may experience a significant loss of hair.


At Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic, we offer solutions for various forms and levels of hair loss, including  Telogen Effluvium. Our Certified Trichologist will assess your hair and scalp profile and provide a custom treatment plan to address your specific condition. Depending on the type of hair loss, treatment plans may include one or more of the following:

Trichology Program

Scacial (Truly You Medi-Hair Spa)

Hair Replacement/Hair Prosthetics

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