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Junior Wigs

Each year thousands of children in Canada lose their hair due to cancer treatments,  alopecia, and other medical causes like trichotillomania and burns. We believe that providing a child with a wig or other hair loss solution can help increase their self-esteem and improve their self-image during a very difficult time in their young lives. Our goal is to help your child feel good about themselves, so that they can focus on being a child.

At Truly You, we have curated a line of quality, versatile and natural looking wigs for children. Our junior styles feel youthful, comfortable, secure and light weight. Designed specifically for children, our caps are made with low density wefts proportioned for smaller heads, making the wigs extra comfortable for tender scalps. Using simple, versatile styles with durable construction, our junior wigs are designed to keep up with active kids!

For children with Alopecia, we offer custom hair systems that allow for a bit more freedom and fluidity while living in their hair. Our CNC hair prosthetics by CRLAB allow a child to sleep, swim and shower in their hair just like their peers.

At Truly You, we offer free, zero obligation consultations for children experiencing hair loss. To learn more about our hair loss solutions for children, and to book an appointment, contact us as [email protected] or 905.821.1092.

Angel Hair For Kids

Founded in 2002 by Roslyn Yearwood and Amalia Ruggiero, Angel Hair for Kids is a non-profit organization that uses hair and financial donations to provide wigs and hair systems to children at no cost to the child’s family. Each Angel Hair For Kids recipient is given a personal appointment at a salon in Canada that specializes in wigs and hair loss. Our network of experts will walk the child and their family through the process of selecting a wig or hair loss solution. Once selected, the hair prosthesis is fitted and styled especially for that child, making it their very own.

Building confidence and joy for children in need is the foundation of the Angel Hair For Kids program

Learn more about Angel Hair for Kids here.

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