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Cancer Treatments

Hair loss represents one of the most devastating side-effects of cancer treatments. Certain types of cancer treatments, such as Chemotherapy, Cranial Radiotherapy and Anti-Estrogen Drugs, may cause either full or partial hair loss. Why? Anti-cancer drugs that are designed to destroy cancer cells can also damage healthy cells in hair follicles. This often results in partial or total hair loss, depending on the degree of treatment. Your oncology team will be able to inform you on what will happen to your hair with your type of treatment.

Scalp care cancer treatments

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    Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells, but in the process they also damage healthy cells, including the cells in the hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. Both full and partial hair loss can happen with chemotherapy, but because healthy cells repair themselves quickly, your hair will eventually grow back after treatments are finished.

    How can Truly You help?

    At our Mississauga hair and scalp clinic we provide our clients with:

    • Information on the different products available, such as wigs and head coverings
    • Services to maintain your wig
    • Scalp care during cancer treatments to treat and soothe your scalp
      Trichology treatments to stimulate hair regrowth after cancer treatments

    Cranial Radiotherapy

    Cranial Radiotherapy uses high energy x-rays to treat cancer. Like chemotherapy, it also affects healthy cells in the hair follicle, but only in the specific area being treated. This means that a person will experience hair loss only in that affected area, known as partial hair loss, unlike with chemotherapy. For example, in the case of radiotherapy to the head, the patient will see the most significant hair loss in that area.

    Following cranial radiotherapy treatments, the hair will usually grow back. The regrowth may be patchy at first, and it can take up to six to twelve months for hair to grow back completely. In some cases, the hair may grow back very thin or not grow back at all. This will depend on the dose of radiotherapy and the number of treatments. When receiving cranial radiotherapy, make sure to continue to look after your hair using shampoos that are hydrating and formulated for your hair and scalp type.

    How Can Truly You Help?

    At our Mississauga hair and scalp clinic, we:

    • Assist clients in finding the appropriate wig that resembles their own hair, in the same manner as we do with our clients undergoing Chemotherapy.
    • Educate our clients regarding hair regrowth and the possibility of hair not being as thick as it was before cranial radiotherapy.
    • We provide information about solutions available to add volume and thicken existing hair.
    • Offer therapy programs for scalp care during cancer treatments to strengthen existing hair and regenerate damaged follicles.
    • Provide Kamitek products to help provide coverage to thinning areas by camouflaging the localized hair loss.

    Anti-Estrogen Drugs

    For people with hormonal receptor positive breast cancer, the oncologist may put the patient on anti-estrogen drugs for 5 years. These drugs can be Tamoxifen, Arimidex, Femara and other various drugs on the market. One of the common side effects of anti-estrogen drugs includes thinning hair, behaving as Hormonal Hair Loss. Once the drugs are stopped, hair may return as it was before.

    How Can Truly You Help?

    At our Mississauga hair and scalp clinic we help our clients with:

    • Hair loss from Anti-Estrogen Drug treatment should be considered hormonal hair loss. How thin the hair becomes depends on each individual, including hereditary disposition, level of treatment, and other factors.
    • We offer a Trichological scalp and hair analysis and provide custom treatment plans for scalp care during your cancer treatments, which includes scalp therapy treatments to strengthen existing hair and stimulate hair growth.
    • Our salon services offer hair colouring without PPD or ammonia. Our stylists are sensitive to our clients’ hair conditions and offer hairstyles that promote fullness and bounce. We also offer product recommendations that give volume and fullness to existing hair while strengthening existing hair from the inside out.

    In order for us to provide the caring and professional services we are known for, our medical related hair loss consultations are by appointment only. At Truly You we offer confidential, one-on-one consultations in private rooms, and we pride ourselves on offering clients our undivided attention and time. Please contact us to schedule your consultation appointment.

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