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Extra Care Line

Extra Care Line

Designed for every need & suitable for all hair conditions.

The Extra Care range complements the Green, Yellow and Purple trichological lines, for those whose hair needs some extra special care.

The Sebum regulating treatment mask, made with green clay and active ingredients that reduce sebaceous production, is ideal for times when sebaceous production is particularly heavy – helping you to reach an even deeper level of cleansing.

The scrub cream, with its Jojoba oil micro-pearls, is particularly effective against extreme cases of oily dandruff, thanks to its skin-purifying and rebalancing peeling effect.

The Leniskin mask is specifically designed for dry dandruff and for soothing and detoxifying a red and itchy scalp.

Also, part of this line, is the CRLAB Purifying Shampoo, designed for the hygienic phases carried out in our CRLAB Centers, thanks to its great antibacterial and skin-purifying properties. It’s also particularly effective in preparing the scalp for hair transplants or in the post-operative period, to keep the skin perfectly healthy and clean.

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