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Welcome to the Truly You Medi-Hair Spa

We have designed treatments to address all hair and scalp profiles. Join us on a journey to hair and scalp recovery through our Restore, Repair and Replenish treatments, from our signature detox “scacial” to custom treatments for common scalp ailments, our Mississauga hair spa clinic has something for everyone. See full list of treatments below.

The Truly You Medi-Hair Spa consists of some of the most luxurious hair and scalp treatments in the Toronto area using our premium YUME SPA system, extraordinary technology from Japan. Unimaginable luxury springs to life with the YUME, with never-before-seen comfort. With a cushioned neck pillow, adjustable leg apron, and full reclining capability, the YUME provides the deep relaxation you crave.

Truly You Hair Spa Treatments
For All Scalp / Hair Types

Replenish and Repair: Signature Scacial

80 Minutes $150

You are invited to experience the Truly You signature scacial at our Mississauga hair spa clinic. A sensory experience that detoxifies the scalp, repairs the hair and replenishes the soul.

This is the ultimate scalp detox. Hair simply cannot grow in an environment that is compromised and congested. Our Scacial promises to completely transform your scalps environment. We use AHA’s which offer superior cellular regeneration, Seaweed extracts replenish necessary vitamins and minerals in the scalp, and essential oils regenerate, hydrate and have powerful anti-oxidant properties. Last but not least we use hydrolyzed proteins that moisturize and improve the tensile strength of your hair. The entire treatment is performed in our luxury spa bed where we incorporate proven massage techniques and steam therapy. We recommend this hair and scalp treatment at our Toronto clinic at least twice a year for all scalp types to ensure lasting results and optimal hair and scalp health.

Restore and Repair: Luxury European

90 Minutes $200

This treatment is the ultimate in European luxury combined with Japanese precision. Designed to RESTORE the scalp and REPAIR dry and dull hair. The scalp is cleansed and microcirculation is stimulated. Plant peptides stimulate cell activity and microspheres purify. An ‘intensive treatment’ for hair length is added to restore strength, softness and resistance. Botanical formulas concentrated in active ingredients improve and restore strained and damaged hair. Nourishing plant-based keratin, biocymentine (consolidates the hair fibre), and camelina oil (protects hair fibre) seals and strengthens hair that has been damaged. Combined with relaxing massage techniques that improve scalp pliability, we guarantee a “Truly” life changing treatment that will leave you relaxed and your scalp rejuvenated.

Truly You Specific Treatments
For Hair Loss & Scalp Disorders

Restore: Hair Loss

90 Minutes $200

The restore treatment offered at our Mississauga hair spa clinic is designed to address hair loss issues and is the most successful when performed in sequence over the course of a 6-12 month period (via our treatment packages). This hair loss treatment is designed to STIMULATE, NOURISH and BALANCE with the use of plant stems, sophisticated pharmacological molecules and essential oils all clinically proven to increase hair growth, strength and density. This hair loss treatment utilizes sophisticated medical devices that promote healthy hair growth (mechanical massager, LLLT and LED laser hair growth programs and antibacterial steamer).

Repair: Sebum Regulating and Associated Issues

90 Minutes $200

Excessive oil production can occur for several reasons. It can be hereditary or due to hormonal changes (puberty/ pregnancy), or even changes in seasons, lifestyle or diet. Poor diet, improper hair care or even medications can also impact how oily your scalp is. The purpose of the sebum regulating treatment is to CLEANSE, NORMALIZE AND REGULATE SEBUM QUALITY and FIGHT BACTERIA. Using ingredients like edelweiss (powerful antioxidant), sapphire dust (exfoliant), Guarana (anti-oxidant and antimicrobial) and Azelaic Acid the scalp is cleansed and rejuvenated. In addition, sophisticated medical devices including our antibacterial laser program and ozone steamer are used to ensure better penetration and optimal results from the products.

Repair: Dry Scalp and Associated Issues

90 Minutes $200

This moisturizing and anti-bacterial treatment is designed specifically to treat complicated scalp issues like Psoriasis. We exfoliate, soothe, moisturize and fight bacteria using clinically proven formulas and massage techniques. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids regulate skin cell production and facilitate water absorption. Juniper, peppermint, jojoba are antibacterial, immune boosting and also improve moisture retention. Rhododendron (the alpine rose) reduces oxidative stress and has superior antiviral properties. Piroctone olamine is anti-fungal and hydrolysed collagen contributes to elasticity and strength of the dermis. RENEW and REPAIR your scalp with this proven treatment.

Our Devices

Many of our spa treatments include the use of devices that enable active ingredients to penetrate deeply and ensure lasting results.

Ozone Steamer

Treatment with Ozone purifies and oxygenates the skin. The steam opens pores facilitating active ingredient absorption, purifies and hydrates the epidermis, relaxes the muscles, stimulates glandular function helping the elimination of toxins and promotes blood circulation.

Mechanical Massage

The massage enhances skin elasticity, stimulates microcirculation and increases Lymphatic system drainage activity. The squeezing and releasing flushes lactic acid from the muscles and improves the circulation of the lymph fluid which carries metabolic waste. The Lymphatic system relies primarily on the movement of muscles to massage the outside of the vessels and surrounding tissue to maintain flow.

Tricoglam Professional Laser

LED technology is used to increase blood flow and microcirculation. The treatment enhances the processes for restoring normal physiological functions of the skin and hair bulb, with consequent results on the whole hair and scalp area. The shaft becomes stronger, the diameter wider and the density increases. This device is able to treat the main anomalies of the scalp (itching, redness, dandruff, seborrhea) and prevent hair loss using 320 total DIODES between lasers and LEDs (please consult technician if you have any existing health conditions that may prevent the incorporation of laser therapy).

Spa Mist: Healthier Hair. Instant Results.

The Spa Mist II is one of the most effective tools to treat the scalp. This mobile mister helps treatments to penetrate hair, and then seals the follicle with a cooling mist, locking in treatments and making them more effective.

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