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You are now patiently waiting for your new hair to grow back in. Four to six weeks after your last treatments, you will notice your hair coming in. At first the hair growth is very slow, hair normally grows a quarter to half an inch every 4-6 weeks, but at first it takes a little while to get that growth.

When can I start colouring my hair?

Once the hair is about an inch long or it has been 5-6 months since your last treatments, you can colour your hair with a gentle hair colour. Our clinic’s procedure for the chemo client is to use colour that has no PPD or Ammonia and for our client’s that are extra cautious – we have an organic line; an extremely gentle product with active ingredients to give full grey coverage.

Your scalp and hair re-growth after treatments:

To help your hair grow back quicker and healthier; Capilia Truly You has top of the line treatments available. To prevent thinning due to hair follicle shrinkage, the sebaceous glands must be stimulated.

With our Rene Furterer or Terapo Medik treatments, your scalp will receive all of the nutrients and stimulating agents it needs to grow at an optimal rate. We have witnessed tremendous success with our treatment program.

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