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After Treatments

You have completed treatment and are waiting for your hair to grow back. Be patient. It will take four to six weeks following your last treatment before you begin to notice hair regrowth. At first, hair regrowth is very slow. While hair normally grows about 2 cm every 4 to 6 weeks, hair grows much slower in the first 3 to 4 months after treatment. Also, be prepared that the hair growth after your cancer treatments hair may look different than before. For example, where one used to have blond hair, they may see much darker or curlier hair growing back. 40% of people have whiter hair following treatment and 20% have hair of a different colour. This is a side effect of the chemotherapy, which alters the cells responsible for the colour and texture of hair.

Hair growth after cancer treatments

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    When Can I Start Colouring My Hair?

    You can start to colour your hair 6 months after your last treatment or once the hair is a few inches in length. We recommend that your colour is performed by a professional hair stylist using gentle products. The colours we use at Truly You Mississauga hair and scalp clinic have zero ammonia and PPD. Before we colour your hair, our stylist will apply a barrier between your scalp and the hair colour to protect the scalp.

    Note, your first colouring may not offer the depth of colour you were expecting. It is common for new hair to hold residue from the medication and so it may take a few sessions before achieving the colour you desire. We suggest that you do not bleach or perm your hair for the first year after treatments, as your new hair is still delicate and can be damaged by the harsh chemicals involved.

    Scalp Care and Hair Regrowth After Treatments

    Following treatment, it is important to help reactive hair growth after your cancer treatments by initiating a new hair growth cycle. For this we recommend the Triphasic Reactional Hair Loss Ritual by René Furterer. This treatment ritual will help prevent follicle shrinkage responsible for thinning hair while actively stimulating hair growth. It works by rebalancing the hair cycle and restoring general hair and scalp health. It is also ideal for those who are on anti-estrogen medication. Note, you should wait 2 to 3 months after your last session of chemotherapy to start this hair loss program at our Mississauga hair and scalp clinic.

    With our René Furterer or Terapo Medik treatments, your scalp will receive all of the nutrients and stimulating agents it needs for hair to grow at an optimal rate.

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