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Introducing Alma TED

The Latest in Hair Growth Technology

Experience a cutting-edge solution to hair loss with the Alma TED procedure at our Toronto hair loss clinic, a revolutionary technology in hair restoration.

Utilizing advanced ultrasound technology, the Alma TED treatment at our Toronto clinic stimulates hair growth and improves hair density in only a few quick and easy treatments. It works by using acoustic sound waves to promote blood flow to targeted hair follicles, encouraging the production of new hair cells. The result? Thicker, fuller hair that looks and feels natural.

This hair loss treatment is non-invasive and painless and can be performed in as little as 30 minutes at our Trichology clinic in the GTA. There is no downtime required and you can get back to all your regular activities immediately following treatment.

Learn more about the treatment packages offered at our Toronto Alma TED clinic below!

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    What is Alma TED?

    Alma TED represents an exciting new break-through in hair loss treatment technology. When used with a topical hair care formula, it promotes improved blood flow to the scalp which results in thicker, stronger hair.

    How Does It Work?

    Alma TED is an ultrasound-based system. It utilizes acoustic sound wave technology to improve blood flow to hair follicles in targeted treatment areas.

    Am I A Good Candidate?

    Generally, this revolutionary hair loss treatment is suitable for individuals experiencing various forms of hair loss who want to improve the strength, density and overall appearance of their hair.

    How Many Treatments Do I Need?

    During your consultation at our Mississauga hair loss clinic, our hair loss experts will perform an assessment of your hair and scalp. This assessment will provide insights into how many treatments are recommended. On average, results can be seen after three Alma TED treatments at our Toronto clinic, typically spaced one month apart. You may even notice improvements in as little as two weeks.

    How Long Does a Treatment Take?

    A single Alma TED treatment at our Toronto clinic takes between 20-25 minutes to perform at our Mississauga hair loss clinic. Treatment times may vary depending on the personalized treatment plan that was recommended to you by our hair loss experts.

    Will It Hurt?

    No. The Alma TED treatment at our Toronto clinic is pain-free. You can expect to feel a warm sensation from the device and hear a ringing sound. Unlike other procedures to treat hair loss, the Alma TED procedure at our Toronto clinic does not use needles, so there is no discomfort and no trauma to the scalp.

    Do I Require Downtime?

    No. You do not require downtime following your Alma TED treatment at our Mississauga clinic. You can resume regular activities immediately after.

    Where Trichology Meets TED

    How are Alma TED treatments different at Truly You?

    Truly You is the only Trichology focused clinic in Eastern Canada with certified hair and scalp specialists offering a complete, holistic solution to your hair loss concerns using Alma TED Technology. At our Mississauga hair loss clinic, we are committed to ensuring you get optimal results and maintain those results. The hair loss treatment packages at our Toronto Alma TED clinic incorporate: Hair and Scalp Analysis, Accurate Tracking, Scalp Treatments, At-Home Care and Recommendations per individual case.

    Rest assured our team of hair loss experts will oversee your progress throughout your treatments and beyond at our Alma TED clinic in Mississauga. Our comprehensive Trichology Program is designed to care for your ongoing hair and scalp needs before, during, and after treatment. Learn more about our Trichology Program HERE. 

    Alma TED Treatment Packages

    Single Alma TED Treatment:

    • $1000 (3 treatments recommended)

    Alma TED Treatment Package

    • 3 Alma TED Treatments | $2800 ($933 per treatment)
      (Includes Consultation + 2 Tracking Sessions)

    CONTACT US today to book your hair loss Alma TED procedure at our Mississauga clinic. Not sure which hair loss treatment is right for you? You can book a consultation with our certified Trichologist who will perform a detailed hair and scalp analysis in order to get to the “root” of your hair and scalp issues and provide custom, targeted treatment options that are right for you. We are here to guide you through your decision making.

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