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Joli Dancer


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The Joli Dancer is a “extreme Performance” wig for active Alopecians, with little to no hair of their own. Its features, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, along with the use of European hair and hidden knots for a natural look, makes it a suitable choice for those seeking a realistic and comfortable hair solution for women and children.

The absence of the need for tape or glue due to the nonslip poly (silicone) material that adheres natural to the skin, is also a practical advantage, as it eliminates potential complications or discomfort that can come with adhesives on sensitive skin. This would likely be a welcome feature for active individuals, including dancers, runners, martial artists, yoga practitioners, and sports enthusiasts, who want a hair prosthetic that can withstand various physical activities without becoming an inconvenience.

The Joli Dancer is approved for use by active Alopecians, including professionals in physically demanding fields like dancing, running, and martial arts, speaks to its durability and secure fit. Additionally, its suitability for activities like swimming and hot yoga suggests that it’s designed to withstand exposure to water and high-temperature environments, making it versatile for a range of scenarios.


  • French Lace + Silicone Cap
  • Lace Front
  • 100% hand-tied


  • Light to medium


  • 11”/16” ( 11-inch strand. Overall, it measures up to 16” length)
  • 17”/22” ( 17-inch strand. Overall, it measures up to 22” length)


  • We stock Small (S) and Medium (M)
  • Special order in the XXS, XS and Large

Lighter density dancer petite options are available by special order for younger wearers in sizes XXS, XS, S. Please visit or call clinic to order. 


  • #2 – rich chocolate
  • #4 – Perfect Pecan
  • #8/10 – Creamy Caramel
  • #8/14/8R – Chestnut Blondie
  • #30/8R – Cinnamon Surprise
  • # 10/14/10R – Iced Mocha Swirl
  • #24/16/10R = Double Honey Honey
  • # 24/14/12/12R – Blonds Friends Forever
  • #24/12R – Sun & Reign
  • #60/20R – Champagne Cocktail
  • #60 – Simply Champagne
  • #20 – One cool Ash blond
  • # 60/1B – Gracious Silver Grey

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Simply Champagne, Double Honey Honey, Blond Friends Forever, Champaign Cocktail, Sun and Reign, Buttery Blonde, Iced Mocha Swirl, Cinnamon Surprise, Creamy Caramel, Chestnut Blondie, Perfect Pecan, One Cool Blonde, Gracious Silver Grey, Rich Chocolate, Demi Black


11"/16", 17"/22"


Small, Medium

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