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Trichology Consultation

Trichology is a paramedical branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of hair and scalp health and disease. Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists (one type of skin specialist) who determine the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs, diseases of the scalp and who recommend treatment according to cause.

Schedule a hair loss consultation at our Mississauga clinic with our Certified Trichologist, Caroline Ruggiero, I.A.T. (International Association of Trichologists). We offer both virtual and in-person consultations. Please note, the first 20-minutes of your consultation are free of charge; if you wish to continue, then a Consultation Fee will apply.

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    What can you expect during an “onsite” consultation with a Trichologist?
    The first step is to book a consultation with our Certified Trichologist, who will perform a hair and scalp analysis, evaluate your condition and develop your custom treatment plan.

    It is important for our trichologist to see your scalp in its “natural state” during your assessment in order to get an accurate reading of your scalp and assess any hair and scalp issues or ailments. For this reason we ask you to not wash your hair for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours prior to your hair loss consultation at our Mississauga clinic.

    During your hair loss consultation with the Toronto hair loss experts at our Mississauga trichology clinic, our trichologist will determine the cause of your condition by performing a thorough visual, micro-camera (or microscopic) examination. In many instances you will be referred to your family physician to perform a physiological evaluation, including blood work, to help further pinpoint the cause of your condition. A Trichological analysis of your blood work is an important step in the discovery process. For some clients, a mineral hair analysis may be recommended as well. After a robust testing process, your Trichologist will examine the results in order to devise a custom treatment plan for your specific hair and scalp profile. In most cases your treatment process will include topical treatments, vitamin therapy, laser therapy performed in-clinic as well as at-home. With scalp ailments, treatments can be complex and often include a combination of topical treatments and nutritional recommendations.



    Visit Truly You for a trichology consultation near Toronto today. This trichology consultation in the Toronto region includes the completion of a questionnaire about your specific concerns. Our Toronto hair loss experts will use this session to determine the necessity for further testing and create a treatment plan.


    Scalp Testing

    We work closely with CanAlt labs to provide a mineral analysis of your hair, which assesses the levels of zinc, copper, iodine, mercury and more. With this microscopic hair analysis, our experts can determine the structural damage of the hair and rate of hair loss. Your trichology consultation near Toronto and scalp analysis will identify whether your issue is hormonal, genetic or nutritional.



    Following your trichology consultation, our clients will be presented with a customized treatment program. The scalp therapy treatments that our hair experts recommend will begin by cleaning your scalp from build-up of scales and oils, which will cause shedding of unhealthy hair. This creates space for new, full and healthy hair to grow and is a positive part of the procedure.



    The overall experience, from your initial hair loss consultation at our Mississauga clinic to the final treatment, can last up to one year. The first two months you will likely see an increase in shedding and new hair growth. The following four to six months of treatment improves the growth of new hair follicles from the scalp. By months ten to twelve, you will experience the full benefits of treatment, including thicker hair and reduced or an end to hair loss.

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