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Calm Your Mind. Rebalance Your Body.

At Truly You Wellness, our holistic approach to care addresses the body from the inside out to ensure a healthy mind and body, so that you can live life to its fullest.

Our services are designed to address nutritional and lifestyle imbalances to treat a variety of concerns, including Skin Disorders (eczema, psoriasis), Hair Loss, Detoxification, Gut Health, Immune Dysfunction, Bowel Conditions, Hormonal Imbalaces, Weight, Candida/Yeast/Fungal Infections, Fatigue/Low Energy, Nervous System Disorders, Endocrine Dysfunction and Sleep Disturbances.

Nutritionists are trained to detect subtle signs and symptoms within the body which over time may lead to more serious conditions . A practitioner will help discover, support and rebalance each persons individual needs to restore and maintain optimal functioning. A program may include: dietary guidelines, specialized diets, vitamins & minerals, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual recommendations to re-gain optimal function

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Truly You helped hundreds of clients regain both their hair and self-confidence.

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    Initial Nutritionist Consult    1.5hrs |  $220

    For our initial visit, we will lead an in-depth intake by gathering a detailed history of your main concerns and health history. We will then examine the current state of your health through Live Blood Cell Analysis.

    Live Blood Cell Analysis allows us to observe vitamin/mineral deficiencies, toxicity, pathogens, digestive and hormone imbalances and more.

    Following this, outside of appointment hours, I put together a protocol plan that is sent to you (lifestyle, dietary & supplement recommendations)

    Nutritionist Follow-Up     45min-1hr | $130

    We assess your progress and include your Live Blood Cell Analysis. At this time, we will also update your personalized protocol (lifestyle, dietary and supplement recommendations)

    Follow ups are 6-8 weeks after initial visit, eventually progressing to only-as-needed.

    Trichology Nutritionist Consult    1hr |  $140

    This service is for clients that were referred by our Trichologist for issues related to hair and scalp. The consult includes a nutritional and symptomatology assessment, as well as a personalized protocol

    Live Blood Cell Analysis may be recommended (additional cost $50)

    Trichology Nutritionist Follow-Up    45 mins  | $100

    We work alongside our Trichologist to asses you progress and make any required changes to your treatment protocol


    Certified Nutritional Practitioner (IHN), Certified Microneedling Specialist, Certified Indian Head Masseuse.

    Lisa studied at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN) — an industry leader in Nutrition education. Lisa is passionate about nutrition, 80/20 lifestyle, as well as skin & hair health (which is also what drew her to Truly You!) Her goal is to provide clients with both education and guidance on how to address specific nutritional, health, and lifestyle imbalances.

    Holistic care has been a part of Lisa’s life from an early age. Growing up, Lisa’s dad taught her about ageing, skincare, red light therapy, and the importance of happiness on her health. This is part of the reason why microneedling came into her life– a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin and trigger new collagen and elastin. A perfect solution that allows you to age with grace.  After doing this for years for herself, Lisa wanted to share it with everyone.

    After the trauma of losing both her father and best friend, Lisa noticed her skin and hair changing and realized how much this emotional toll was having on her health. Before her dad passed away, he reminded her about her passion for helping others and for holistic health care, and not to forget to take care of herself. This is when she decided to go to IHN and become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

    Lisa is passionate about helping people achieve better health and believes that reaching your health goals should be done in a realistic and sustainable way. Lisa is dedicated to helping her clients calm their minds and rebalance their bodies so that they can enjoy the most out of life and age with grace.