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What is Trichology?

Trichology is a branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of hair & scalp health. The trichologist at our Mississauga clinic can assess and treat a wide range of hair and scalp ailments, including hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturizing of hairs & diseases of the scalp. Trichologists can help you with conditions like:

  • Androgenetic Hair Loss
  • Dry, Brittle or Dull Hair
  • Dry/Oily Scalp, Dandruff
  • Eczema, Psoriasis on the Scalp
  • Hair Loss after Pregnancy
  • Itchy Scalp
  • Seasonal Shedding
  • Telogen Effluvium (Reactional Hair Loss)

In addition to this, a trichologist can help you with maintaining your natural hair while wearing a hair system or medical wig. Our clinic provides some of the best services in trichology in all of Toronto.

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    Your Truly You Trichologist

    Caroline Ruggiero is a certified trichologist and COO of our Mississauga trichology clinic as well as one of the few certified practitioners of trichology in Toronto and in all of Canada. Caroline has an Honours Degree from the University of Toronto, is a certified Trichologist with the International Association of Trichologists (IAT), and a member of the World Trichology Society (WTS).

    Your Consultation with a Trichologist?

    It is important for the trichologist at our Mississauga clinic to see your scalp in its “natural state” during your assessment in order to get an accurate reading and assess your hair and scalp problems properly. For this reason we ask that you do not wash your hair for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment at our Mississauga trichology clinic.

    Your Journey to a Healthier Scalp and Stronger Hair

    Mississauga trichology clinicStep 1: Confidential Consultation
    The first step is to book a consultation with our Certified Trichologist, who will perform a hair and scalp analysis, evaluate your condition and develop your custom treatment plan.

    During your assessment at our Mississauga trichology clinic, our certified trichologist will determine the cause of your condition by performing a thorough visual, micro-camera (or microscopic) examination. In many instances you will be referred to your family physician to perform a physiological evaluation, including blood work, to help further pinpoint the cause of your condition. A Trichological analysis of your blood work is an important step in the discovery process. For some clients, a mineral hair analysis may be recommended as well. After a robust testing process, your Trichologist will examine the results and devise a custom treatment plan for your specific hair and scalp profile. In most cases your treatment process will include topical treatments, vitamin therapy, laser therapy performed in-clinic as well as at-home. With scalp ailments, treatments can be complex and often include a combination of topical treatments and nutritional recommendations.

    The key to all treatment plans is consistency. No matter what anyone says, there is no “quick fix” to hair loss. Preventing hair loss and restoring bio hair requires targeted, consistent treatments for optimal results.

    Trichologist MississaugaStep 2: Starting Your Treatments
    When starting any scalp therapy treatments, there may be an increase in hair shedding during the onset of treatment. This is normal as we clean the scalp from the build-up of scales, polymers, co-polymers, silicone, and oils. Don’t be alarmed, this is a positive sign! We are removing impurities on the scalp and helping to ‘push out’ telogen hair that must come out in order for new healthy hair to grow. It is a positive indicator that the treatment is working. For scalp ailments, additional scaling is also possible in the first few months as we are “lifting” excess residue.

    Trichology TorontoStep 3: Follow Up & Maintenance
    Depending on the type of hair loss, treatment can either be temporary or ongoing. While hair is one of the fastest growing tissues on the body, patience is key and everyone is different. Some clients may see their scalp ailments resolved in as short as one month, while others with chronic issues will require treatment in ongoing cycles to maintain their scalp health.

    The First Two Months: As early as the first two months of treatment, our clients have reported that their hair feels more lively and their scalp is healthier. You may begin to notice more shine and fullness to your hair, while at the same time seeing a slight increase in shedding. This slight increase in shedding is only temporary and should not be a cause for alarm. Our treatments target hair at the follicles by nourishing and stimulating new hair growth. The new healthy hair will push out the “resting” hairs, and will be stronger, healthier and thicker.

    Month 4-6:
    Many of our clients will start seeing noticeable hair growth around 6 months, as long as treatments remain consistent and there are no underlying medical conditions. Hair growth may start as small peach fuzz like hair sprouting from the scalp, and you may also see a general thickening of existing hair. Additionally, you will notice that your hair is shinier and more manageable.

    Month 10-12: During this period most clients will experience the full benefits of treatment. These benefits may include new hair growth, reduced or a complete stop to hair loss, as well as healthier, thicker and more manageable hair.

    A Note from Your Trichologist

    Remember, your scalp therapy treatments are only one part of our holistic approach to hair and scalp health. For scalp ailments like psoriasis or oily dandruff, your program will include home care, in-clinic treatments as well as monthly follow ups. With hair loss prevention home care, we further recommend additional steps to your treatment protocol to see the full potential of your hair regrowth, including laser therapy, vitamin therapy, the hair loss Havogen 5 Patch and Tricho-Gel.

    Our Trichology Products

    At Truly You, we are proud to offer the finest Trichology products by CRLAB from Italy. The CRLAB Trichology Division has developed trichological treatments to help you combat hair loss. Used by both women and men, these treatments keep your hair healthy, as well as keep your hair loss in check.

    Along with university clinics and dermatology institutes, we have developed a complete range of products using a ‘dermo-phytocosmetic’ approach. This means we use the best combination of what both science and nature have to offer, including essential oils, plant stem cell extracts, precious stones and active pharmaceutically derived ingredients. All products are free from parabens and SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfates, a synthetic foaming agent). They are cruelty-free and dermatologically tested to keep your scalp and hair in delicate balance.

    Learn more about our CRLAB trichology products, and visit the Truly You shop today.

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