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Women with hair loss from medical treatment may notice that her scalp is cool without hair. Hair helps contain body heat, so naturally without it we feel much cooler.

Head wraps and scarves are perfect as a stylish alternative to wigs, as well as a sensational way to accessorize any ensemble. A head wrap can compliment your look, enhance your style and add versatility to your wardrobe.

Many women may choose an alternative head coverings when:

  • Scalp is sensitive and easily irritated.
  • Are tired and not feeling well, yet want to enhance their appearance.
  • Want to protect and/or warm their scalp while sleeping or if outdoors during cold weather.
  • Want to experiment with quick, versatile fashion looks for everyday use or for special occasions.
  • Want to wear a cool, comfortable head covering when at home.

Easy tips when working with scarves

  • Wear a light cotton turban or single shoulder pad under the turbans, scarves. This gives an illusion of fullness and to help prevent over-wrap from slipping off.
  • A cotton or rayon material will not slip off the head. The scarf size should be approximately 26 inches to 28 inches or even a larger square.
  • Mix and match contrasting colours and prints by using more than one scarf.
  • Accent turbans and scarves with hats, headbands, flowers, pins etc


  • Recommend hand washing in cold water but can be put in the washer/dryer
  • 100% cotton or cotton/polyester
  • When washing dark colors for the first

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