Our mission is to repair your scalp, restore
your hair and replenish your soul.

Custom CNC Prosthetic

Hair Replacement Technology by CRLAB

Hair Restoration Technology

Treatments Proven to Stimulate Hair Growth

Our Trichology Program

Treating Hair Loss & Scalp Ailments

Clinically Proven Therapies for Hair and Scalp Disorders

Discover an approach to hair and scalp health that uses clinically proven ingredients combined with powerful botanical extracts. The perfect marriage of science and nature designed to treat scalp ailments and hair loss.


Imagine thicker, healthier and stronger hair growing directly from your scalp. This is the benefit of our trichology solution.

CNC Hair Prosthetic & Hair Enhancement.

Correct hair loss with state of the art custom systems that give you the look of a full head of hair instantly.


Simple and effective wellness products formulated to foster and maintain sound health. Powerful solutions for specific wellness concerns.

Medical Wigs.

With hundreds of choices, we can always find a wig that perfectly matches your own natural hair, feels incredibly comfortable and looks natural.

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