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Sarah Lourakis
Sarah Lourakis
Caroline from Truly You Hair changed my life! I was suffering from a painful scalp for months and mild hair loss for a few years. I saw a dermatologist about my hair and scalp but there only solution was steroid medication and to put me on Rogaine. I am so young and want to have children so I did not want to try Rogaine because I would have to stop during pregnancy. Also, the steroid cream provided didnt work at all for my scalp pain and was so messy. I went back to the dermatologist and he said he could not help me.. I was devestated at this point. I have been thinking about going to Truly you Hair but I didnt believe that trichology was a “real” profession as I have seen a lot of trichologists online and it seemed quite qimmiky. I was very wrong. Caroline from Truly You Hair is extremely eductated in general and when it comes to hair and scalp health. She took microscopic images of my scalp and you could clearly see a lot of buildup and inflammation. She put me on a program and within weeks my scalp felt better. Now, 6 Months Later, my hair is as long as it was 5 years ago, the new photos of my scalp are truly unbelievable as it is clear and healthy and I can finally wear my hair in a hair clip without pain. Remarkable. This has been TRULY life changing. Thank you Caroline and the Team at Truly You Hair for everything.
Mila KUzmicka
Mila KUzmicka
My mother and I visited this location last Thursday. My mom is a cancer patient and this happened to be a good day for her and since she has lost all her hair we decided to search for a wig. Look good feel better is such a true statement. My mother lit up with even just a prospect of an outing and this truly lifted her spirits. We did not know that we needed an appointment and we just showed up in the afternoon taking a chance that someone might help us. Cathy met us at the reception and kindly offered to help my mom to find a wig. We had a wonderful time trying on the perfect selection of hair pieces that Cathy picked for my mom. She suggested scalp treatments and we walked out with a complete set of hair and wig essentials as well as a beautiful wig that made my mom feel so much better about herself and how she looked during this transition time. We appreciated the kind and knowledgeable assistance from Cathy very much. Highly recommend!
Kathleen J.
Kathleen J.
Amalia provided the most gentle and helpful care to my 92 year old mother. She expertly fitted and trimmed a current wig to better suit my Mom’s style and provided suggestions for alternate wigs. My mother walked in unhappy with her old wig and walked out with a big smile on her face.
fil Manes
fil Manes
It was my last appointment today with my Stylist Kathy. Unfortunately I had to stop seeing these lovely ladies because of a move. I am forever grateful for all the emotional & physical support the staff & Amalia have provided over 15+ yrs. Kathy has always made me look marvellous. Krista & ladies @ reception are always patient with my inquiries & schedule. Thank you all I recommend this clinic to anyone needing their services.
Truly You Hair and Scalp Clinic is a great place, highly recommended by me. Being in a very stressful moment in my life, which is the fight against cancer, chemotherapy and hair loss, the time spent at Clinica with Amalia was relaxing. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her help and advice. She brought a smile back to my face. Every time I put on a wig, I remember Amalia and her team. Thank you very, very much. Sylvia M.
Yana Popova
Yana Popova
Amazing experience of hairstyling by Truly You! Thank you for making me feel special and unique. Highly recommended.
Christabel Braganza
Christabel Braganza
My experience with Caroline and her staff has been exceptionally wonderful. Everyone is so caring, patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and empathetic, yet very professional. The services and products offered are excellent, and the clinic itself is clean and spacious, with a calming atmosphere. I would give Truly You the highest recommendation to any one who asked me.

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