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Trich is not just a tick..solutions for Hair Pulling (a.k.a.Trichotillomania)

   By: Amalia Ruggiero

Trichotillomania, also known as Hair Pulling Disorder, is characterized by the repetitive pulling out of one’s hair. Trichotillomania is one of a group of behaviours known as Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), self-grooming behaviours in which individuals pull, pick, scrape, or bite their hair, skin, or nails, resulting in damage to the body.

Statistics indicate that about 2 in 50 people experience trichotillomania in their lifetime. It usually begins in late childhood/early puberty. In childhood, it occurs about equally in boys and girls. By adulthood, 80-90% of reported cases are women. Trichotillomania tends to be a chronic condition; that may come and go throughout a lifetime.

Many of the clients we work with struggle with this deep-rooted issue of hair pulling and it makes them feel fear that someone will notice. They struggle with insecurity, self -confidence, shame and generally feel that there is no solution for them to hide the fact that most of their hair is gone. This condition holds them back to reach their full potential in their personal life and for some their career.

At Truly You Hair and Scalp Clinic, we have one goal for our clients: to empower them with their hair loss and help them feel beautiful inside and out by creating awareness of the aesthetic solutions available to them.

Hair Enhancements:

A Hair Enhancement is one solution that integrates beautifully into the existing hair, hiding the area that has been affected by the repetitive hair pulling. A Hair Enhancement provides extraordinary solutions for so many types of hair loss AND reduces hours of styling time to hide the hair thinning. Giving you back your life!

Cranial Hair Prosthetic

A Cranial Hair Prosthetic known as CNC is created with 3D printed technology, using virgin unprocessed hair injected into an antibacterial polymer base that conforms to the client’s exact cranial measurements and skin type, making it virtually impossible to notice the prosthetic with the naked eye.

Benefits? Living Life without Compromise

Our clients wearing a hair prosthetic or hair enhancement have said that it is has given them back their life. It also has helped them from pulling giving their hair the opportunity to grow back. Is it a cure? No, but it is a solution to move them forward in their life.

Below our beautiful client Jen with her cranial prosthetic (CNC)

For more information about trichotillomania visit THE TLC FOUNDATION  www.bfrb.org








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