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Reality Check: Your hair doesn’t look natural.


Hair. When we have it we take it for granted. When we lose it we would give anything to get it back.

Those that have lost it and have given up time and lots of money to wear hair, know that the journey to wearing beautiful hair is not straight and it is not easy.

If you are a hair wearer, what are some of your challenges?

Does your piece mat?

Do you find yourself checking and adjusting it every 10 minutes?

If you don’t have a strong hairline, does the front look unnatural?

Do you struggle with it staying securely on?

Does the hair move naturally with you or does it feel like a separate entity with a mind of its own?

Do you envy  wild colours or modern takes on highlighting like Bayalage and Ombre?

NOW…imagine….if all of these anxieties and fears were completely alleviated. Imagine if you could have the look and feel of completely natural hair. Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about the elements, or swimming in the ocean?

Imagination has become reality with a revolution in hair loss with the CNC system from Cesare Ragazzi.

So what is different about a CNC from everything else that exists on the market today…and why all the hype?

The answer is simple. Two reasons:

  1. The CNC is the ONLY hair enhancement made in Europe with hair that is truly unprocessed and untreated. Are you wearing a lace piece or wig and you were told it was virgin hair. Its NOT. Its impossible because hair that has to be knotted and tied has to be partially de-cuticilized in order for it not to mat instantly. ONLY injected hair can be pure and untreated.
  2. The base. Not lace, not silicone, but a biomedical polymer that mimics human skin. A true medical prosthetic and extension of the largest organ – your skin. It is breathable, anti- microbial and completely natural looking.

The dark side:

Of course every time there is a new invention that changes an industry, it is just a matter of time before others want a piece of the revolutionary pie. The CNC system from Cesare Ragazzi is no exception. Within just a few short years other systems have come on the market trying to make similar claims: beautiful hair, skin-like base. BUT buyer beware. To achieve a similar result for less, companies are using silicone, not the patented polymer from Cesare Ragazzi. The result: a plastic look and feel. As for the hair…well the Italians don’t mess around and test each and every strand ensuring that hair that is used for a CNC has not been in contact with ANY chemical or treatment. We are not sure that can be said for any other company that manufactures hair anywhere in the world today.

Bottom line: do your research. Only trust certified centres with the education and tools to bring the most authentic and beautiful hair to you. And if you are ready for your own hair revolution, this is the time.

If you want to learn more about Cesare Ragazzi visit their website for information and a list of their certified partners: www.cesareragazzi.com,

Not an authentic CNC base:

The REAL deal:




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