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B-380 Trinocular Brightfield Microscope (for IAHM Microscopy Course)



  • B-380 Trinocular brightfield microscope, 1000x, IOS PLAN
  • EW10x/20 micro-metric eyepiece, high eye-point, rubber cup (23mm Ø)
  • Polarizing set (filters only) B-380
  • Smartphone Adapter

To register and reserve your place in the IAHM Microscopy In Polarized Light course, it is necessary to purchase the microscope as soon as possible (the last day to buy is September 1st, 2023). It is a Microscope with a special setting customized for the the course, so it is crucial there is enough time for production.

The Microscopy in Polarized Light Course cost is €4500 EUR for a 3-day practical intensive with world leading instructors in microscopy. Payment is required following the purchase of the microscope. Details for this second payment will be sent directly to students after they have purchased the microscope.

Visit www.trulyyou.ca/hair-microscopy-course for more details.


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