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Daily Care Line

Daily Care Line: Everyday Treatment for All Skin Types

The CRLAB Daily Care line is formulated with a combination of powerful ingredients, yet it’s still gentle on the skin. So gentle, you can use it for everyday washing. The ingredients, developed from skin care research, have been reformulated to be easily absorbed by the skin, allowing the skin to be gently cleansed of harmful and dehydrating substances.

One of the most common causes of hair loss, dandruff, redness, irritation and oily skin is using the ‘wrong’ type of shampoo. Some drug store shampoos may be too aggressive for your skin and contain ingredients that are not suited to your scalp type, or even exasperate a genetic condition, an already distressed scalp, or a hormonal imbalance. The Daily Care Line is an ideal, daily product line for its gentle and nourishing properties that help to maintain a fine skin-hair balance, and can be used in conjunction with other CRLAB product lines.

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