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Hair Loss Prevention Treatment (Green Line)

Green Line: Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

The treatment works to combat hair loss by restoring volume, strength and vitality to hair that’s miniaturized and thinned and is therefore prone to falling out prematurely. To achieve this, our products contain active ingredients, all naturally derived, such as Serenoa Repens and Apple plant stem cells.

Serenoa Repens act at the level of the hair bulb, blocking the action of DHT – a hormone called dihydrotestosterone – which stops the hair bulb from accepting and absorbing nutrients it needs to grow strong, healthy hair.

The Green Line is formulated to stimulate hair growth as well as nourish and fortify the hair bulb.

We recommend using the CRLAB Green Line in conjunction with Truly You’s Trichology Treatment Program to ensure maximum results. In our Trichology Program, we first purify the scalp, removing toxins and waste substances; subsequently, we stimulate hair bulb metabolism and microcirculation, bringing natural nourishments and essential elements to the hair and scalp. At this point, we incorporate the CRLAB Green Line Treatment both in-clinic and at-home use.

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