1225 Queensway East, Unit #34, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 0G4

HPCC + Practical (Day 1, 2, 3-AM/PM) | Mississauga, ON


IAT Hair Practitioner Course and Practical Trichology
*Early Bird Pricing Ends June 3rd / 2024

Truly You Academy


Mississauga, ON
September 29, 30, October 1
Truly You Academy | 1225 Queensway E, Unit 34  Mississauga, ON   L5Y 0G4
About This Course: https://www.trulyyou.ca/hair-practitioner-certificate-course

With this program, you will receive your certificate as a Trichology Hair Practitioner from the International Association of Trichologists (IAT), PLUS this program includes an additional course segment provided by the Truly You Academy on the practical implementation of key trichological practices into your business— instructed by Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic COO Caroline Ruggiero.

Day 1 – IAT Hair Practitioner Course
Lesson One: Functions and structures of the skin
Lesson Two: Glands of the skin
Lesson Three: The chemistry and physiology of the hair
Lesson Four: Nervous and circulatory support systems
Lesson Five: Amino acids and bonds in the hair

Day 2 – IAT Hair Practitioner Course
Lesson Six: PH
Lesson Seven: Cystine, cysteine and permanent waving
Lesson Eight: Colouring and decolouring
Lesson Nine: Diffuse hair loss
Lesson Ten: Genetic hair loss in men and women
Lesson Eleven: Microscopy
Lesson Twelve: Scarring alopecia

Day 3-AM – IAT Hair Practitioner Course
Review: 1-hour course review & QA
Exam: 1 hour written exam

Day 3-PM – Truly You Academy, Practical Trichology
Half-day course designed to compliment theory based components of the HPCC by providing students with hands-on instructions on how to implement key Trichological practices directly into their business.
Lesson One: The Consultation Process
Lesson Two: Hair & Scalp Analysis
Lesson 3: Recommending the Right Solutions

Note, the cost of the course includes:

  • Light breakfast, coffee & refreshments on Day 1, 2 & 3
  • Hard copy of HPCC textbook from IAT; USB key with lectures & webinars from David Salinger, IAT Director; a personal notebook & pen
  • Hardcopy of HPCC certificate from IAT