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Option B (Day 1, 2 and 3)


IAT Hair Practitioner Course and How to launch / enhance your business with Trichology.

Truly You Academy



With this program receive your certificate as a Trichology Hair Practitioner with IAT, PLUS, attend a third day dedicated to building your clientele and business with Trichology. On the third day learn proven and results driven techniques that will work even during an unpredictable COVID pandemic where onsite services are not always an option.

Day 1 (TBD) – IAT Hair Practitioner Course
Lesson One: Functions and structures of the skin
Lesson Two: Glands of the skin
Lesson Three: The chemistry and physiology of the hair
Lesson Four: Nervous and circulatory support systems
Lesson Five: Amino acids and bonds in the hair

Day 2 (TBD) – IAT Hair Practitioner Course
Lesson Six: PH
Lesson Seven: Cystine, cysteine and permanent waving
Lesson Eight: Colouring and decolouring
Lesson Nine: Diffuse hair loss
Lesson Ten: Genetic hair loss in men and women
Lesson Eleven: Microscopy
Lesson Twelve: Scarring alopecia

Day 3 (TBD) – How to launch / enhance your business with Trichology
On day three you will learn how to create a successful business plan and profit from everything you learned over the course of the program. Our certified Trichologist will provide you with proven methods you can implement immediately into your business. You will also have the opportunity to go home with a tool kit designed to help people with their hair and scalp issues.

*This course is also designed for individuals that have some Trichology knowledge or certification with another program, and would like tools to grow their existing business.