1225 Queensway East, Unit #34, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 0G4

Option A (Day 1 and 2)


IAT Hair Practitioner Course

Truly You Academy



Participants in Day 1 and 2 will receive a certificate for participating in the full HPC course and will qualify as a Trichology Hair Practitioner from IAT.

Day 1 (TBD) – IAT Hair Practitioner Course
Lesson One: Functions and structures of the skin
Lesson Two: Glands of the skin
Lesson Three: The chemistry and physiology of the hair
Lesson Four: Nervous and circulatory support systems
Lesson Five: Amino acids and bonds in the hair

Day 2 (TBD) – IAT Hair Practitioner Course
Lesson Six: PH
Lesson Seven: Cystine, cysteine and permanent waving
Lesson Eight: Colouring and decolouring
Lesson Nine: Diffuse hair loss
Lesson Ten: Genetic hair loss in men and women
Lesson Eleven: Microscopy
Lesson Twelve: Scarring alopecia