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Internet Scams EXPOSED..and we have PROOF!

I have to say that I have never really been intimidated by the internet. More competition makes for good business. Ultimately good for the consumer and the business owner. Of course that is under the condition that the information you are being presented with online is honest….

Recently experts at Capilia.ca decided to embark on a mini fact finding mission. Are all online wig suppliers telling it like it is? How can their pricing be so outrageously low?!

It didn’t take long for hundreds of listings to pop up when we typed “human hair wigs” in our browsers. Upon clicking what looked like a reputable site, instantly we were amazed and shocked by our findings.

If you refer to the image directly below you’ll see in the description “100% Human Hair”… ‘It looks very natural, modern cut, lightweight…it could very well be human. But wait for only $164!!! impossible. My consultant at Capilia Truly You quoted me A LOT more than that for human hair! What do I do?’

Well the truth is any Capilia expert will tell you that this IS NOT a human hair wig. Far from it. That is a beautiful synthetic wig…How do we know that? well this wig happens to be part of our product line. In fact if you refer to the reputable Canadian company Novera.ca, you can find this wig on their website described as synthetic.http://novera.ca/index.php/envy-leyla.html Even as a synthetic wig this piece is more then $164. But with a website that is clearly just stealing images and writing whatever they want, $164 + shipping and handling will likely equal the consumer receiving a shipment of who knows what. They might as well just take that money and throw it away…

BLog image2

‘But wait!..maybe they made a mistake and posted the wrong image’ Lets assume for a minute that in the time and meticulous manner that it takes to paste an image on a website someone made an error, its possible right? Yes, once maybe,  but twice?! Indeed it didn’t take long before we found another misleading image….

Blog image1

This wig is advertised as REMY HAIR and for only $14 more than the previous wig! Unbelievable !….quick grab the credit card! Well of course the truth is that this is yet another synthetic wig advertised as luxurious Remy Hair.

The list went on and on. Images of wigs with descriptions of something completely different. Prices ranging from $100 to $2500…all promising things that don’t exist. As experts that have been doing this for 20 years we know that, but the average consumer has no way of detecting this kind of scam.

Are we trying to scare people from shopping online? Absolutely not. Personally I love online shopping. Quick, easy, and the product comes straight to my door. There are a few things I WILL NOT buy online. Hair, of course…and off the top of my head…jeans (cause lets face it people you need to take the day off to buy a new pair of jeans, getting that right fit takes tiiiime) Other products can be returned, exchanged. Hair…well, do you really want to buy hair that may have been already returned by several people?? I didn’t think so.

Hair is intimate. The experience of buying it, the wear and care…it deserves better than this! When you walk into a Capilia centre you can feel, touch and even try on the styles you are interested in. Questions? We have answers. Adjustments, trims, fittings?…you name it we can do it. A real person is here to walk you through this very personal and sensitive journey when you’re ready to come and see us.

So the next time someone comes in waving their phone at me with all the great deals they found online, I will smile politely as I always do, put one hand on their shoulder and very sweetly recommend they go ahead with their online order. But BEWARE and BE AWARE and don’t say we didn’t warn you 😉


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