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Especially for women

Female hair loss


If you look at the chart above where do you lie on this scale?

Perhaps your hair is ok, but what about your mom, dad, grandmother etc?

We are inundated with images of men’s hair loss but rarely do we see first-hand the various stages of female hair loss.

“In quality-of-life studies, women experiencing hair loss reported a higher incidence of behavior that interfered with their daily lives — including a significant loss of self-esteem, being introverted, feeling less attractive and tense feelings in public places” (American Academy of Dermatology) Add to that the fact that women work harder and longer then most men according to a new study by independent research consultancy the Ponemon Institute (ref: Daily Mail), and you have a lethal combination that creates stressed and depressed women.
Hair loss is a closely guarded secret between a woman and her hair stylist.  Contrary to popular belief women make up to 40% of hair loss sufferers.  Female hair loss is a natural result of hormone changes that typically begin at the onset of menopause or from a genetic pre-disposition. Fortunately, today, more and more women are seeking solutions to stimulate hair growth and improve the quality of their hair density.

We have a large female clientele that have responded quite remarkably to the different solutions available through our Capilia Group.   Some of our women qualify for our Non-Surgical Hair Replacement or our Microfollicular Hair Transplant and our Hair Loss Prevention and Scalp therapy.

A personal consultation along with a hair and scalp analysis with our state of the art capiliascope to determine the health of your scalp and your hair quality and then we will prescribe a treatment program which may include Scalp therapy treatment, Home Care, Low Level Laser therapy and/or Surgical hair restoration.

In today’s world the only thing preventing everyone from being the best they can be is THEM SELVES. The hardest part of making a change is that first call. So don’t hesitate. There is nothing to lose. All you have to gain is MORE HAIR.

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