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What is a Hair & Scalp Analysis?

Image from capiliascope
Image from micro-camera.

For many sufferers of hair loss, the initial loss is often surprising, and the cause generally unknown beyond genetics. The same applies to individuals experiencing scalp ailments– the case is often unknown, and the ailment is usually sudden and unforeseen. As such, treatment for such problems is more than likely confusing to most individuals, and in many cases seen as unnecessary – if the case is unknown, can the problem truly be solved?

At Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic, the cause of your problems will not be a mystery for long. As a part of our Trichology Program, we perform a hair and scalp analysis to find the cause of your hair loss or scalp ailment, and put together a personalized treatment plan accordingly. To perform the analysis, our Trichologist will use a micro-camera to take close up images of your hair and scalp. This will help our Trichologist to perform a complete assessment of your hair and scalp to understand what is causing your hair loss or scalp problems. The micro-camera software will  track your progress over a 9-12 month period after the initial session; and will be able to chronicle the improvement of your hair and scalp.

A complete hair and scalp analysis not only helps to pinpoint the ‘root’ cause of someone’s ailment, but also provides the client with information on how to prevent the ailment from occurring in the future. Hair and scalp experts at Capilia Truly You will provide you with follow up instructions and hair/scalp care products to ensure the lasting health of your hair and scalp.
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