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Customer complains about our service and prices. Read our response.

WE LOVE REVIEWS! The good, the bad and the ugly. Recently we had an anonymous client write down their thoughts about buying a wig at Capilia Truly You. This is what they wrote:

“I am disappointed that you don’t have any pictures or brochures that would let a customer pick a style and color, rather than you ladies going out of the room and coming back with a couple of styles that you think might suit us. How can you possibly know what we might like? Also your prices are ridiculously high!”

Our mystery lady brought up some excellent points. And our fingers were twitching in excitement to reply. Here is our not so very short reply:


Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Here at Truly You we value your feedback, it helps us improve our programs and hopefully create a better customer experience.

First, you bring up some excellent points about our wig purchasing protocol. Women that come to Truly You for a wig see us for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they wear a wig for medical reasons, in other cases it can be because of auto immune disorders like Alopecia, and for some women they simply want to wear a wig for fashion; as a quick and easy alternative to styling their own hair. 20 years of experience in this industry has brought us to several conclusions that gear the way we ‘sell’ wigs. In most cases women that purchase a wig for medical reasons want to look like ‘themselves’, or themselves prior to their medical hair loss. We found from past experience that offering these type of clients a catalogue with all of our available styles was ineffective for two reasons:

1. The picture does not always look the same on the model as it would on the person. Synthetic wigs are made to ’style shift’ easily. Wigs have been styled for the individual model in the catalogue, and the picture does not adequately represent the various styles of each wig.

2. Looking at that many styles was overwhelming. We were told on several occasions “I just want to look like me..get me something that looks like me”

By going into the back room and selecting the styles that we know match the client best from our stock, we are able to save time, energy, and often the frustration that can come with this type of purchase.

On the other hand our clients that come in for fashion are a different ball game all together. In our ideal world Capilia Truly You would have a large wig showroom, where clients can come in at the leisure, browse our styles, and try things on that suit them. That is our dream, and it will be realized, but we are not there yet. Our unique layout with multiple private rooms gives the women we see the privacy they so yearn for, however this layout also restricts the amount of room we have in our Mississauga location. If we were a ‘fashion only’ salon, our chairs would be in the open, and we would have all our products on display. This is simply not possible.

That being said, is a catalogue for our clients that want new or different styles a good idea? Yes. This is something we have discussed and we are working on it. We strive to give our customers the best experience possible, and if this will make a small group of our clients/ potential clients happy then it is worth investing more time into it. We will certainly keep everyone on our mailing list up to date with new tools we have available in this program.

The second item I want to address is our pricing.

In this day and age can you purchase a wig for 200, 100 or even 60 dollars? Absolutely. The global market has exploded offering consumers unprecedented choice. I think this is fantastic, both for the consumer and the business.We are more then aware of what our competitors are selling wigs for. There have been a number of occasions that clients have come in showing us a wig online with a low price on their smart phone. The conversation that ensues is pretty straight forward. I always encourage clients to make purchasing decisions they are happy with. Under no circumstance do I want someone to buy something at our centre and regret it. I urge the client to do what they feel is best, and if buying online, or from a low end retailer  is what they want to do then by all means we do not want to stop them. The only thing I ask is they consider a number of questions:

1. If buying online are you buying from a trusted source? DO you know what you are getting and how it will fit? : One size does not fit all. Wigs can be too large, too small, slide, be irritating in certain areas etc. At truly you we include the adjustment and fitting into the price of the wig. If you purchase something less expensive elsewhere and have it adjusted with us naturally there will be a charge. We make sure you leave our centre with something that ‘truly’ looks beautiful, and feels as natural as it can under the circumstance. We actually did some research on online stores that sell wigs, and were shocked at what we found. Click here for information on how to purchase wigs online: https://www.trulyyou.ca/internet-scams-exposed-and-we-have-proof

2. Quality is of paramount importance to us. 20 years in this industry has enabled us to handpick suppliers from all over the world that suit our clients and offer the best hair available at this time. For our human hair wigs, the cost of human hair has gone up substantially. We continue to be at par, and often below in price in comparison to major competitors in the GTA. With our synthetic wigs, the market has certainly grown. But just like any other product the quality ranges greatly. Shoes for example can range from 20$ to the thousands. Our synthetic wigs are certainly not the $20 option, but they are not the pair of shoes for thousands either. We base our prices on formulas that simply take into account our cost, and the unique and quality services we include at our facility. There has always, and will continue to be clients that do not suit the type of work we do here: private building with private rooms; confidential; highest quality products both on the shelf, and used on the client and their hair; and all work being done by staff that has numerous years of experience and are highly trained and very qualified. We want our clients to know about their options and go with the retailer/ hair replacement centre that best suits them. Truly You caters to women that want quality, experience and superior products for their hair and scalp.

Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your earnest review. I hope that I have addressed some of your concerns, and hope you give us an opportunity to improve your next experience with us. I encourage you to follow us on FB, and join our mailing list for the most up to date news and information about our products and services.

Hoping to make you hair happy today and every day!


Capilia Truly You


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