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Do I take Vitamins for Hair Loss?? The answer may surprise you.

Vitamins…”I’m not getting enough!!”, “I get all the nutrition I need from the food I eat”, “I have no idea what to take”…
I feel very lucky to be living in the 21st century where for the first time in history the individual has power and access to information at an unprecedented rate. We are definitely more AWARE. We are more aware about what we put into our bodies, and how the decisions we make impact our local environment and the planet as a whole. That awareness has comes at a price it seems. What is the saying? Ignorance is bliss. Too much information seems to be the equivalent of not enough. We are inundated with information about what’s “good” for us. When it comes to supplements for hair loss, how are we really supposed to know what will work, and what we should buy?
Recently we came across this full page Ad in the Toronto Star for vitamins that ‘promote existing hair growth”
A before and after picture and testimony from a beautiful young blonde makes the product instantly appealing. Loaded with powerful marine ingredients AminoMarC!… this has to work! right?
Well these powerful marine ingredients are derived from Shark Cartilage and Oysters. Which some people may not have a problem with. Personally I am not going to debate the ingredients or effectiveness of this product. I am an advocate of holistic living and believe in the effectiveness of good nutrition and supplementation. I am sure this product has helped many people. My only issue with this type of advertising is that it groups hair loss into one category.
Hair loss has many faces. Even without autoimmune disorders like Alopecia, hair loss can occur for countless reasons.
Take our beautiful spokesperson for this supplement. What was the root cause of this hair loss? (pardon the pun) Was it reactional?: a result of diet, pregnancy, or psycho-effective shock? Or was the hair loss hereditary?
These questions are important for a simple reason: certain types of hair loss can easily be stabilized and its effects are reversible. However other types of hair loss will not be affected by any amount of supplementation, exercise or treatment. Let me attempt at using a car analogy…here goes: would you walk into a mechanic and ask to get your alternator replaced when your battery just needs a boost? Okay maybe not the best example, but you get the idea. One size DOES NOT fit all, and therefore one solution DOES NOT fit all.
Simply put, the best way to treat hair loss is to identify what’s causing it. So make the right decision by getting answers to your questions first.
At Capilia Truly You our on staff Trichologist will give you all the answers to your hair loss questions, and identify the solution that is perfect for you!
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Caroline Ruggiero
Capilia: We care about your hair loss.
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