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Why am I losing my hair?

Have you ever asked yourself how much hair are you losing? 20, 30, 50, hairs a day? Or is it more than 100 hairs a day? On average we all lose approximately 20 -50 hairs daily and that is normal. If you notice more hair loss than usual, first ask yourself what has changed in your life the last 6 months. Did you experience a dramatic event such as a car accident, a bad fall, or looking after an ill relative?, or a change in your diet, or change of medications?
These events can cause the hair to go into Telogen effluvium. (Excessive hair shedding) and this stage can last for a few weeks to a few months. But the premature hair loss will stop and that hair will grow again. Don’t panic….all you need is patience.

If you cannot recall any major changes in your recent lifestyle or habits, but you are continuing to see excessive hair loss, then your first course of action should be to see your family doctor and have some blood work done. Our hair is the barometer of our bodies, and often it is one of the first indicators that something may be out of sync.
Your next step is to see a Trichologist, a hair and scalp specialist.
A Trichologist will look at the full spectrum of possible causes and identify the underlying reason for your type of hair loss, and most importantly, recommend treatments as well as your next course of action.

The fact is that in many cases hair loss that does not occur for ‘Reactional ‘ reasons, is usually attributed to a genetic pre-disposition. Yes it all comes down to our genes. In this case hair starts to thin; normally around the frontal hair line and top of the head. We may notice it in our early 20’s ( which we are seeing more and more of at our clinic ) or it may start to show in our 40’s.

With genetic hair loss visiting a hair replacement specialist is the best way to get instant results by address the aesthetic related aspects of hair loss.

The wonderful thing about Capilia Truly You’s approach is our programs work in synergy to provide optimal results.

Our HEAD FIRST or preventative program ( https://www.trulyyou.ca/headfirst.asp ) can help stabilize and control the progression of hair thinning, our TRAPEZE or corrective program ( https://www.trulyyou.ca/trapeze.asp ) we offer the ability to integrate more hair to your existing hair, and the INFINITE, or hair transplant program ( https://www.trulyyou.ca/infinite.asp ) can do everything from simply establishing a more natural hairline to giving you real and lasting results where you want them most.

Today we are fortunate that there are solutions that have been specifically designed for women, men and children. And at Capilia Truly You we have a special interest in helping women look and feel confident about their hair everyday.

If you have any concerns about your hair, your scalp, and want to know why your hair is getting finer, and in some cases thinner, we invite you to come in for a private consultation.

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