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Our top tips for fighting winter hair woes!


The cold wind outside and dry indoor heat of winter can cause your skin to dry but your hair is just as predisposed to damage from the winter weather and requires special care, just like our skin.

Here are tips to help you keep your hair looking healthy all winter long …
1. Decrease the amount of times you wash your hair each week. Two to three times a week is good enough.

2. Shampoo with a hydrating shampoo that has no silicones. You do not want to wash away the natural oils but make sure you brush your hair every night to move those natural oils away from the scalp and into your hair which is a form of natural hydration for your hair.

3. Use cooler water to luck warm. Hot water as we know dries our hair and skin.

4. If your hair feels oily, use a dry shampoo like Rene Furterer’s Naturia in-between washes.

5. If your hair is frizzy, dry and brittle, once or twice a week use Karite essential oils which is formulated for your scalp and hair, helping to rehydrate it by adding moisture.

6. A scalp massage with essential oils (that are formulated for your scalp ) will improve blood circulation to the root of the hair also known as the papilla.

7. Avoid hair sprays, long use of a blow-dryeriers, and straighteners. When washing your hair, let it air dry a bit before blow-drying and make sure you add a hydrating serum, such a Carthame, to protect the hair before using a straightener. . Check the ingredients on hair spray and other products. Make sure they don’t have a high concentration of alcohol which will dry out your hair and make it feel brittle.

8. Wear a hat to protect your hair from the cold and wind. Your hat should not be so tight that it restricts circulation in your scalp.

****CAPILIA TRULY YOU TIP***** If you end up with static electricity in your hair run a dryer sheet over it. We like to keep one in our purses just in case 😉

9. Keep your haircut simple and maintenance free. The less you fuss over your hair the better. Even running your fingers through your hair or combing it throughout the day can make it more susceptible to breakage during the cold winter months.

10. Use a humidifier in your house. Indoor heating can dry out your hair. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, helping both your skin and your hair.

11. Get a trim. On the average, your hair grows ½ inch every 4 weeks. For long hair, it is usually recommended you get your hair cut every 2 to 3 months to trim off the ends and keep it looking healthy. For short or medium length hair, trims should be every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows. Regular trims will help your hair from breakage too.

These steps are important to take into consideration in order to maintain a beautiful head of hair and a hydrated healthy scalp. Regardless, if you have a head of hair, or you are wearing a hair system that is integrated into your existing hair, or you are wearing hair extensions or a full wig; maintaining your existing hair and keeping your scalp healthy is critical to the entire look.

For more information visit www.trulyyou.ca or come in for your complimentary hair and scalp analysis.

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