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What’s causing Fergie’s hair loss? …What’s causing your hair loss?



Despite what you see your favorite star look like on stage or on the red carpet the fact is that many of the beautiful people we admire are experiencing the same issues we are.  

So what is the real cause of hair loss? Luckily we have the answer. If you are losing your hair its likely because….

You are anemic; dieting heavily; have a fungal infection; taking drugs; taking too many aspirins; have had a high fever recently; stopped taking the birth control pill; currently on the pill; you have infected tonsils; pulling your hair out; wearing your hair too tightly; have recently had an operation; are iron deficient; recently experienced psycho effective shock i.e. a death in the family; you had a baby 3 months ago; you are a diabetic; you have cancer; have a thyroid imbalance; you have been overexposed to x-rays; going through or post menopause; you are not absorbing enough zinc; your mother is thinning; your father is thinning; someone in your family’s history had thinning hair…….

If you’re saying to yourself…are you kidding me! ! My response is no I’m not BUT trying to find the answer to your thinning hair without consulting a professional is much like reading this long list of possible causes: confusing and frustrating.

Your hair is mainly composed of protein and compared to everything else in your body it grows very, very fast. It also gets the majority of its nutrition from your blood. What does this mean? Well every time you experience an internal imbalance or change (whether it is hormonal, nutritional or otherwise…read the list above if you have the patience) guess what one of the first indicators is…YOUR HAIR!!

As a Trichologist it is my job to take into account the many causes of hair loss and identify how your hair loss is different from someone else’s. You see, the fact is there is no 1 magical solution for everyone (despite what some commercials or infomercials claim) Men are different from women, adults vary from person to person and of course are different from children.

Over the past 20 years we have helped thousands of clients (including a number of celebrities…not Fergie 😉 And regardless of a person’s status or wealth we see many of the same issues occur over and over again.  Our motto is to not let anyone live without the hair they want and we promise to get to the ‘root’ of the problem every time.

Wishing you happy hair days,


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