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Summer hair solutions: Answering your FAQ’s


Summer is here! Here are a few common questions we get about keeping your hair and scalp feeling healthy and hydrated.

1.       What can I do to help moisturize dry hair in the summer?

Using a deep conditioner correctly can save your hair from the adverse effects of sun scorching.  *Remember to keep the conditioner away from your scalp, a common mistake that can clog your follicle funnel and lead to itchy dry scalp, and even hair thinning! We recommend Rene Furterer’ s repairing after sun mask which restructures sun damaged hair instantly.


2.       Ho do I prevent getting ‘green’ hair?

If a swimming pool is not properly balanced, metals such as copper in the water can leach onto hair. We recommend rinsing hair thoroughly prior to taking a dip.  Use Protective Summer Oil which has a waterproof formulation, designed to protect the hair against sun, sea and swimming pool damage. Repairing Sun Shampoo expertly removes the damaging residue left in the hair by chlorine and sea water. Palm butter and soybean restore the moisture and nutrients stripped away by environmental aggressors often faced during summer.


3.       What’s the best way to remove sweat and clean oily hair after a hot day?

After a busy and hot day a cool and refreshing shower is a great feeling.  Using a deep cleansing hair and shower gel will soothe and calm the skin and hair as it removes debris and residue left by sweat, chlorine and salt water. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils refresh while menthol and allantoin comfort dehydrated, sunburned and otherwise damaged skin.

René Furterer Sun Care features plant based formulations with natural UV filters to shield hair before and after sun exposure, so you can keep your hair healthy and still enjoy some fun in the sun.  The formulas include a Keratin Protection Factor, proven to protect 90% of the keratin in the hair. Infused with a fragrance of apricot, coconut, grapefruit and rose, this Sun Care system is an instant reminder that summertime doesn’t have to be synonymous with dry, damaged hair.

To purchase your Rene Furterer hair care this summer contact us https://www.trulyyou.ca/comfort-rene-furterer.asp



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