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Leniskin Scalp Mask


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Triple-action LENISKIN CREAM is indicated for dehydrated and sensitive scalps, even if affected by dandruff: 1) Scalp soothing and renewing effect, thanks to the action of the linoleic acid 2) Moisturizing effect, thanks to the action of the alpha-bisabolol and natural carbohydrates, 3) Keratogenic effect, thanks to the action of the alpha-hydroxy acids. It can also be readily applied to face, hands, wrists and elbows suffering from exfoliation and dehydration with a sanitizing effect on cells thickened by psoriasis. Don’t use on open sores.

Specific hair and scalp concern?  Talk with our certified Trichologist.

Additional information

Weight .278 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 5 cm

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