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Medical Wigs

At Truly You, carry an extensive collection of beautiful and natural looking medical wigs from the world’s best manufactures. Our collection of over 500 wigs includes:

Our Medical Wigs are designed for people that suffer from hair loss as a result of medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, differing forms of Alopecia, as well as disorders like Trichotillomania. Medical wigs can give you back a piece of your image and enable you to live more confidently.

At Truly You, we offer private, confidential services with expert technicians who will guide you through every step of selecting and caring for your medical prosthetic. Our goal is to help you feel truly you again.

Note: Your medical prosthetic is eligible for insurance coverage. Submit our medical receipt along with a prescription from your doctor to your insurance company.

To learn more about our products, and to book a one-on-one consultation, please contact us at [email protected] or 905.821.1092

Medical wigs Mississauga

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    Free Consultation

    Visit Truly You today for a free, confidential consultation to determine the best medical wig for you from over 500 wigs to choose from. Our medical hair loss experts have twenty years of experience supporting people in Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA with varying causes and degrees of hair loss. At your free consultation, we will assess your hair and scalp profile, listen to your needs and concerns, and recommend the best possible solution for your hair loss.


    Wig Selection

    When selecting a medical wig at Truly You, you are guaranteed the best match to your natural hair line, colour and style. Our selection of over 500  wigs (including synthetic, virgin human hair, and blends of synthetic and human hair, offer so much variety that a match is inevitable. Our experienced technicians will work with you every step of the way, ensuring that your selection makes you feel “truly you.”


    Maintaining Your Wig

    Once meticulous hair matching is complete, our team servicing Etobicoke provides medical wigs that are easy to manage, hassle-free and low maintenance. We provide one-on-one support in the application and treatment of these wigs, offering a wig care kit with every purchase that includes shampoo, conditioner, a wig stand and a brush. *Note: your medical prosthetic is eligible for insurance coverage. Submit our medical receipt along with a prescription from your doctor to insurance company.



    Truly You has been serving clients in Mississauga and the GTA for over 25 years. We work with a wide variety of clients, including clients with hair loss due to Cancer Treatments, Alopecia and Trichotillomania. Our caring technicians and large selection of medical wigs can accommodate all your hair loss needs. For those clients with hair loss due to medical treatments, Truly You’s Comfort Program is here to support you every step of the way, including before, during and after treatments.

    Our Medical Wigs

    Truly You provides the largest supply of wig styles and colours to choose from. With hundreds of choices, we can always find a wig that perfectly matches your own natural hair, feels incredibly comfortable and looks natural. Every wig we provide is individually hand tied to guarantee the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp.