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YOUR CHILD AND SCALP HEALTH: From cradle cap to lice

BABY: Cradle Cap

Around the clock feedings, diaper changes, raging hormones…now your baby is having scalp issues? Seriously what ever happened to the beautiful skin we were promised our children would have? Yes, you’ve been told it’s ‘normal’ and it will go away but there are things you can do immediately to help rid your baby of cradle cap.

The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of shampoo are you using on your baby? Is it a ‘gentle’ tear free formula ?? Sometime’s the ‘trusted’ brand names don’t work for everyone. I won’t mention any specific products but I can speak from personal experience and say that going from tear free to an all natural shampoo immediately solved my baby’s scalp problem. Now of course this is only my experience and my opinion. (I can also add that I have offered similar advice to friends and they had the same results)

Medically there is no real answer to what causes Cradle Cap. Seborrheic infantile dermatitis is most likely attributed to overactive sebaceous glands. In extreme cases this thick layer of yellowish scales can spread to the eyelids and behind the ears. Interestingly enough the treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis in infants is not that much different from adult treatment. To help eliminate Cradle Cap do the following:

1. Brush your baby’s head with a gentle densely bristled brush. This will help to loosen the scaling.

2. Wash regularly with Terapo Junior shampoo. Products free of polymers and silicone’s are essential to treating cradle cap. Additive’s and preservatives will only aggravate the problem.

Within a couple weeks you should notice the area of concern getting smaller. As your baby grows into a toddler continue using natural products like Terapo Junior to help maintain a healthy scalp.

SCHOOL AGED CHILD: Preventing Lice

Lice. Are you feeling a little itchy just reading that word? I don’t blame you. Lice are tiny wing-less insects that rely on human blood for nourishment. They have flattened bodies and measure 2-3mm. They leave tiny red spots that can itch intensely. The females lay tiny white eggs (nits) that remain attached to the hair. EEEwww, now I’m itchy.

Unfortunately lice are commonly found in children. Why is that? Nature’s way of payback for all the insect-like whining perhaps?….( I don’t mean that, I love my little girl promise!! )  Seriously; hygiene can be a factor, but generally its because children have more head to head contact at school. The good news is that there are effective treatments for lice available. THE BETTER NEWS IS YOU CAN PREVENT GETTING LICE.

Finally there is a product available that helps prevent your child from getting lice: Laboratoire nature’s PUR shampoo and spray. The ingredients in these products help to purify, sanitize, and keep lice away from your child’s head. Specific ingredients in the shampoo are ‘unattractive’ to potential inhabitants..think of it as bug spray for your hair- but all natural and with a pleasant smell. Plus the all natural ingredients will help your child maintain their healthy hair and scalp.

All of the solutions and products mentioned above are available through our head first program. For more information go to: https://www.trulyyou.ca/headfirst.asp

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