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Do I need Haircheck?

Hair loss affects two thirds of women and three thirds of men. Haircheck allows early detection and diagnosing of the causes of potential hair loss issues. Early detection enables significantly more effective treatment of hair loss. We recommend annual checkups even if your hair appears healthy. Call us to try it today!

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    How does it work?

    Haircheck is a technological breakthrough enabled by a proprietary, patented technology that was implemented as an extremely precise measuring device. With the help of the Haircheck tool, TrulyYou specialists can effectively measure hair loss, hair growth and hair breakage with an extreme degree of precision and accuracy.

    Haircheck benefits

    The unique advantage of Haircheck is its ability to quantifiably measure hairloss or treatment effectiveness. Whether you suspect shedding, bolding, or hair thinning, Haircheck can verify your condition and aid in choosing an effective cure. TrulyYou specialists use Haircheck in conjunction with treatments to track effectiveness.

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