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Q: I need something for dry hair ! (What your hair dresser is not telling you)

I have clients come in all the time and say ” My hair is so dry please help me!!” They usually run for the alluring aqua oil treatment. Yes it smells nice and promises luscious hair only a moroccan goddess can possess BUT will it do the same for you?

The truth is that unless you are blessed with very healthy hair and scalp ( or in my case the hair I had when I was 18), oil  treatments will probably not give you the results you crave.  Why? Well honestly most people actually have a very oily scalp and their hair is dry as a direct result. Let me break it down:

Everybody’s scalp produces a certain amount of oil. In most cases a persons ‘sebaceous gland or oil gland’ (view diagram) is overactive. What that means is that they produce a little more oil then they should. This is usually not a problem if the proper products are used that cleanse and clarify the scalp. However IF you have oily tendencies but are using products filled with silicone’s, parabens and sulphates the oil on your scalp combined with the additives in products create a build up or residue. This residue becomes ‘stuck’ at the base of your follicle funnel clogging it and preventing your hair to grow out healthy and strong. Also ever notice that all those shampoo’s that advertise flowing shiny locks don’t seem to cut it after a couple weeks of use. Yes at first you’re like ‘wow, my hair feels great!’…but for some reason after a while it looses its luster. Well thats all that silicone working its magic coating your hair and giving you the illusion of healthy, and then building up and crushing your hopes and dreams.

So why is your hair dry? Probably because the oil needed to coat your hair shaft and help it be healthy, shiny and strong is compromised by the residue on your scalp that’s preventing it to do its job. Add to that any other hormonal changes, stress, medication etc. and you’ve got serious scalp issues.

The good news is that there are things you can do to have healthier scalp from beneath the root. A healthy diet with lots and lots of water is important. Using products that actually CLEAN your scalp and don’t clog it with additives is imperative. At our two centres you will have access to the very best the industry has to offer with our Rene Furterer and Terapo Medik hair care. (click here  https://www.trulyyou.ca/comfort-rene-furterer.asp ) That combined with a detailed scalp analysis and program designed for YOU will put you well on your way to being ‘hair happy’.


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