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Microfollicular Hair Transplant

A Hair transplant is an ideal solution for men and women that have a good donor area and who wish to get their own hair back permanently.

Performed for the first time in 1955, hair transplants have greatly evolved over the years to provide the completely natural- looking results we have today. However, in order to obtain the new image you are looking for, you must work with a competent and experienced team of professionals.

Mississauga hair transplant

A few words about the TrulyYou approach

Hair transplantation has improved to such an extent that it is practically undetectable and produces a perfectly natural result. Without a doubt, it is a real option for permanent hair loss.

Hair transplantation involves harvesting the hair and follicles (grafts) from one area of the scalp (Donor Area) and skilfully transplanting them to the area in need of hair to achieve a permanent solution to hair-loss

Our Hair Transplant Doctor will take into consideration the amount and type of donor hair you have, your age, your general health and what your expectations are when evaluating your potential for an optimum outcome.

The main goal in hair transplantation is to achieve hair density while retaining a completely natural appearance. The challenge is to reach the ultimate goal with limited hair from the donor area (generally, the “crown”). In other words, a person can add only as much hair to the bald area(s) as can be provided by the donor area.

This is where the surgeon’s and the surgical assistants’ qualifications and experience play a major role. It is their artistic skill that will create the illusion of more hair than actually exists through the size and strategic placement of each graft, the angle of the hair and the amount of space between grafts.

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