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Truly You Wellness brings you a holistic approach to treatment and care, designed to address deeper imbalances within the body. Our services and products promote overall health and well-being for various wellness concerns, including skin and hair disorders, vitamin deficiencies, nutritional imbalances, and chronic pain or stress.

Heal, flourish, and achieve a balanced lifestyle through our trusted and effective services and products, including:

  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Lab Services
  • Vitamin Therapy
  • CBD Products

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Holistic Nutrition

Our onsite Certified Nutritional Practitioner (IHN) will help discover, support and rebalance your individual needs to restore and maintain optimal functioning.

We address nutritional and lifestyle imbalances to treat a variety of concerns, including Skin Disorders (eczema, psoriasis), Hair Loss, Detoxification, Gut Health, Immune Dysfunction, Bowel Conditions, Hormonal Imbalaces, Weight, Candida/Yeast/Fungal Infections, Fatigue/Low Energy, Nervous System Disorders, Endocrine Dysfunction and Sleep Disturbances.

Learn more about our services, and Holistic Nutritionist, here!

Lab Services

At Truly You Wellness, we offer screenings of nutritional elements and toxic metals through laboratory analysis of hair and blood. Lab testing at our Mississauga clinic can provide valuable insight into chronic conditions such as hair loss and scalp disorders, as well as food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, and more.

Learn more about our lab testing HERE.

Vitamins & Supplements

Our vitamin and supplement products are carefully selected to ensure optimal absorption and levels for hair health and growth.

Learn more about products HERE.


All natural CBD products from the Truly You Wellness Line. Simple and effective CBD therapies formulated to foster and maintain sound health. Offering therapeutic solutions to various wellness concerns, including chronic pain and discomfort, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety.

Learn more about products HERE.

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