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How the scalp and hair function

The scalp is made up of the deep inner layer, the dermis, and the superficial layer, the epidermis.

Hair grows out of the scalp, sometimes in groups of two or three. At the root of each hair is a sebaceous gland which produces sebum and the hair follicle. The bulb is at the base of the root, and contains the papilla. The visible part of the hair – the shaft – is made of three layers going from the inside to the outside, the marrow, and then the cortex and finally the outside layer, the cuticle (known as the hair scales)

hair and scalp 2Each strand of hair has its own cycle. The growth phase (anagen), last roughly two years for men and three or fours years ( sometimes longer) for women. The resting phase ( catagen) lasts two weeks. The falling out phase (telogen), three months. It is very easy to se the differenced between dermal papilla in the growth phase and in the falling out phase, with our Capilliscope.

The growth and falling out phases are influenced by certain factors as genetics, hormones, cells, nutrition etc.

Different Condition of Scalp and Hair one can experience

Oily Scalp, Oily Hair Dry Scalp – Dry Hair
Oily Scalp – Dry Hair Very Dry Scalp and Very Dry Hair.

Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic offers customized solutions to enhance both your hair and scalp function.

Hair and Scalp Conditions

1. Scalp with oily or dry dandruff

Is a result of acceleration of mitoses (an excess, abnormal production of epidermal cells). In addition, dandruff is associated with the presence of microbial flora consisting of bacteria and fungi.
Dandruff can be either dry or oily

2. Hair Loss

It is normal to lose 40 to 100 hairs per day. Remember that 85% of a head of hair is in the growth phase, 1% is in the resting phase and 14% is in the falling phase. This hair is immediately replaced. With age, the process of regrowth slows down. Some hair is no longer replaced and hair begins to look thinner.

The causes of abnormal hair loss

There may be many causes of abnormal hair loss, but at least two are the most important:

  • Acute hair loss also known as Reactional Hair Loss
    is due to temporary trauma such as infectious diseases, child birth, surgery, stress, medication, diet etc.
  • Gradual Hair Loss of hormonal origin, effecting 1 in 4 women, known as androgenic

3. Sensitive Scalp Similar to sensitive skin, sensitive scalp is increasingly more frequent. Scalp sensitivity is reflected in:

  • Subjective signs: mainly described as itching
  • Objective signs: redness and flaky
  • Intolerance to certain hair cosmetics.

It is necessary to help the scalp regain a feeling of relief, comfort and suppleness, and restore vigor, health and radiance in frequently weakened hair.

4. Fine and Tired Hair

The condition of fine hair is a direct reflection of our lifestyles. Stress, lack of sleep, imbalanced diets, smoking and pollution has an impact on hair condition, with consequences not only on hair, which begins to thin and lose its vitality and “substance”, but also on the scalp.

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    Hair and Scalp Function

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