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Comfortable Synthetic Hair Wigs in Toronto

Truly You provides the worlds best quality synthetic hair wigs, celebrated for their comfort.

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    Free Assessment

    Are you looking for synthetic wigs near Toronto? Our synthetic hair wigs store in Mississauga is offering a free consultation to help people suffering from hair loss find and buy synthetic hair wigs near Toronto that help them look and feel beautiful and comfortable again. Contact us today for a consultation about our selection of custom synthetic hair wigs for Toronto clients.


    Wig Purchase

    When you determine the type of synthetic wigs necessary for you in Toronto, we provide hundreds of versatile wig choices. Scour our varying light-weight, breathable styles and construction types from Toronto at our synthetic hair wigs store. We sell only the finest quality of wigs, all of which are low maintenance, hassle-free and excellent for travelling without the threat of frizz.


    Wig Application

    After you find the wig of your dreams, our experts are here to help. When applying and styling your wig, we (and eventually you) can use all hair styling products due to the high heat resistant fibres of our synthetic wigs. From Etobicoke, our synthetic hair wigs store is just a short drive, and many clients depend on our expert stylists to seamlessly apply and fit their wigs.


    Wig Renewal

    Just like real hair, over time, synthetic wigs require upkeep. Our hair stylists and experts know exactly how to make your wig look and fit like new all over again, ensuring ample movement and mobility. Even when you buy synthetic hair wigs from Etobicoke, we are easily accessible for last-minute maintenance appointments. Our trained consultations guarantee a wig that will fit to your unique head shape.

    Our Synthetic Wigs

    When you are searching for synthetic wigs near Etobicoke, Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic truly is the number one place to find a diverse collection of hand-tied synthetic wigs that looks and feel like new. Each wig is hand-selected from the globe’s top manufacturers ensuring that we only sell the highest quality product on the market.