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PRP for Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can be used to successfully treat hair loss. PRP treatments for hair are non-surgical and entirely natural. Your own platelet-rich plasma is injected into your scalp, allowing the “growth factors” in your blood cells to do their job, resulting in naturally stimulated hair growth.

Truly You offers PRP treatments administered by the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre, which has been providing effective medical and surgical hair restoration solutions for over 20 years. Treatments are performed under the medical guidance of the hair restoration doctors at the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre.

Truly You is the only hair loss clinic in Canada that provides Trichological care designed to compliment PRP treatments before, during and after in order to promote optimal results, limit discomfort and support long-term healthy hair regrowth.

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    What is PRP?

    Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a high concentration of platelets contained in a small volume of plasma, from your own blood. Platelets are the components of your blood that release various growth factors that initiate your body’s healing cascade.

    Who uses PRP?

    Almost anyone with hair thinning or hair loss can be a good candidate for PRP. For some, PRP is used in conjunction with other hair restoration modalities, such as medication, hair transplants as well a trichological treatments. PRP is especially useful for those who are not candidates for surgery or who want to try non-surgical approaches before considering surgery.

    What are the benefits of PRP?

    The main benefit of PRP is thought to be the production of new blood vessels, which helps support the activity of hair follicles, promoting growth of stronger, healthier hairs. Studies have shown that PRP can increase the density of your hair, as well as making individual hairs thicker. In addition, PRP can increase the anagen, or growing phase, of your hair. Combined, these benefits result in the appearance of thicker, denser hair with less shedding.

    What is the PRP process?

    We use the Clarion PRP system, collecting 22ml of blood. This system is one of the most effective at eliminating unwanted red and white blood cells from PRP.

    Once drawn, your blood is placed in a high-speed centrifuge and the platelets are isolated. The plasma is then concentrated, collected, and injected into the scalp with tiny needles. The entire process takes about 30 minutes.

    How Many PRP treatments are required?

    Treatment is divided into the induction and maintenance phases. The induction phase consists of 4 treatments, each one month apart. A 5th maintenance treatment is then done 6 months after that. One year from your first treatment, an evaluation is done to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. If effective, only maintenance treatments every 6 months are required on an ongoing basis. If you discontinue treatments, you may lose the benefit of PRP over time.

    At Truly You, we offer a series of trichology treatments packages designed to maintain optimal hair and scalp health following treatment to ensure continued growth and minimal shedding.

    Is PRP painful?

    There may be some brief discomfort at the injection sites. There may also be some redness and inflammation at the injection sites, but this resolves very quickly.

    What are the risks of PRP?

    There are no known risks to PRP. The platelets and plasma being injected come from your own body, therefore there is no risk of allergic reaction.

    Can anyone have PRP?

    Almost anyone with hair loss is a good candidate for PRP. Patients who cannot have PRP include:

    • Patients on blood thinning medications (e.g., warfarin, clopidogrel), including chronic use of anti-inflammatories (e.g., ibuprofen).
    • Patients taking vitamin E, fish oil, or omega 3 oil supplements within 1 week of treatment.
    • Patients with low platelet count.
    • Pregnant women.
    • Women who are breastfeeding.

    Why do PRP at Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic?

    When choosing Truly You for your PRP treatment, you will be under the expert care of both an M.D. and Trichologist. Truly You Hair and Scalp clinic is the only clinic in Canada that provides trichological care custom designed to compliment PRP treatments, including preparing the scalp before treatment, treating the scalp and reducing inflammation & discomfort throughout treatment, as well as providing long-term care to encourage hair growth and limit shedding on an on-going basis.

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