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Healthy Scalp is the secret to beautiful hair.

Fascinated by nature, Rene Furterer became familiar with the qualities of plants and essential oils early in his younger years. He developed a personalized treatment method, which is rich in essential oils and plant extracts treating both the scalp and hair.

For this reason, his method is based on three principles;

Diagnosis of the scalp
Brushing and massages
Personalized treatments with specific products

Get a personal hair and scalp analysis, by one of our Trichologist at Capilia Truly You Hair Loss Solution Centre and find out which of Rene Furterer’s derma cosmetic products are right for your type of hair and scalp

Essential Care

Beautiful hair only grows from a healthy scalp. COMPLEXE 5 regenerating plant extract is the quintessential treatment in strengthening hair from the roots. Its unique concentration purifies the scalp and increases its microcirculation for healthy hair. A scalp massage with COMPLEXE 5 is the first step before shampooing to make all René Furterer treatments more effective.

Colour Treated Hair

OKARA PROTECT COLOR combines an exclusive duo of natural ingredients proven to protect and enhance color-treated hair. Hamamelis extract, a powerful pigment fixing agent, captures and maintains color while Okara extract, a protein from the soybean, repairs and rebuilds damaged hair. This color protection system provides long-lasting, luxuriously vibrant hair color.

Highlighted, bleached hair

OKARA ACTIVE LIGHT combines a unique duo of natural ingredients that deeply repair and nourish highlighted, bleached hair to enhance the brilliance of highlights. Natural Honey extract nourishes hair and prevents fading and yellowing while OKARA extract, a protein from the soybean, repairs damaged hair. This highlight enhancing system revives hair’s luminosity and leaves it radiant, soft and silky.

Fine Limp Hair

Boost fine hair with high style volume. VOLUMEA volumizing care is infused with natural Carob extract that weightlessly coats and plumps each hair strand to deliver visible amplifying volume from the roots to ends. This volumizing system provides long-lasting airy fullness with enhanced body and bounce.

THINNING HAIR -sudden & hereditary

Triphasic (strength, revitalization )

Encourage healthy hair growth with plant-based, convenient formulas. As the specialist in long term strong and healthy hair, René Furterer uses essential oils, plant extracts and nutrients to combat the two types of thinning hair (hereditary and sudden). These convenient, patent pending formulas help to encourage stronger hair growth and improve the structure for thicker and faster growing hair.

RF80 – Reactional Hair Loss

Sudden thinning hair most commonly affects women and can be triggered by various factors such as pregnancy, stress, an unbalanced diet or medication. RF 80 has a double patented and scientifically proven formula that combats the two major factors of sudden thinning hair: Vascular and Nutritional. It works against these 2 causes to naturally encourage the growth of stronger hair and improve hair structure for thicker and faster growing hair.

Karite very dry, damaged hair and scalp

Nourish dry hair with the power of Shea butter. KARITÉ rescues even the most parched strands with its infusion of nourishing agents. Shea butter and oil, rich in essential fatty acids and crucial vitamins lock in moisture, provide in-depth nutrition and restructure hair. This intense nourishing system repairs hair, restoring it with exceptional softness and silkiness.

Carthame: dehydrated hair & scalp

Moisturize dehydrated hair and scalp. CARTHAME quenches the most parched strands and scalp with its specifically selected natural active ingredients. Carthamus oil (Safflower) is rich in essential fatty acids that provide moisture and protection. This hydrating system envelopes hair in a bath of moisture, leaving hair soft and shiny with lightness and bounce.

FIORAVANTI For dull hair (shine, detangling)

Intensify the shine and brilliance of dull hair. FIORAVANTI incorporates the Fioravanti complex, a combination of 11 plant extracts, which tightens the hair cuticles delivering a burst of magnified shine. Acerola Cherry vinegar neutralizes hard water and boosts strands with a high-gloss finish. This shine enhancing system procures radiant hair with light-reflecting shine.

TONUCIA aging, weakened hair (density, vitality)

TONUCIA combines exclusive plant-based ingredients to fortify and invigorate tresses back to youthful elasticity and fullness. Pure essential oils of Orange, Lavender and Rosemary tone the scalp and stimulate microcirculation. Cimentrio, an exclusive complex, and Wheat micro-proteins rebuild the structure of the hair keratin while weightlessly coating and thickening hair. This anti-aging system brings hair back to life by adding density and vitality.

ASTERA sensitive, irritated scalp (soothing, freshness)

Cool and soothe a sensitive and irritated scalp. ASTERA is specially formulated to soothe and calm sensitive scalps. Asteraceae extract (Echinacea) provides anti-inflammatory and healing benefits while cold essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Camphor cool and deep cleanse. This soothing system reduces inflammation and allows the scalp to regain a feeling of relief and comfort.

CURBICIA oily hair & scalp (purifying, regulating, volumizing)

Purify an oily scalp. CURBICIA incorporates an elixir of plant-based ingredients to eliminate excess oil of the scalp. Curbicia extract (Squash seed) regulates sebum production while essential oils of Thyme, Rosemary, Orange and Clove provide deep cleansing and anti-fungal benefits. This oxygenating system leaves the scalp and hair feeling light and radiant and with regular use reduces the necessity of frequent washes.

LISSEA Unruly hair (Smoothing, nourishing)

LISSEA smoothing care smooth’s and nourishes unruly, frizzy hair with natural ingredients that restore hair’s health and radiance. Natural Alkekenge extract instantly smooths and controls volume and frizz while Avocado oil nourishes and moisturizes. This smoothing system leaves hair perfectly smooth, shiny and soft.

SUN CARE in and after sun care (UV protection, nutrition)

The SUN CARE system features products that protect hair in the sun and repair it after sun exposure. Products for in the sun feature a unique Keratin Protection Factor (KPF) that scientifically measures the amount of Keratin it protects from UV rays. After sun products, enriched with palm butter, repair and restore locks. These sun products keep hair healthy while still enjoying some fun in the sun.

NATURIA all hair types/frequent use (balancing, gentle)

Gentle cleansing for all hair types. NATURIA gently cleanses hair while respecting the natural balance of the scalp. Essential oils of Caraway, Basil and Peppermint clean and balance the scalp while B vitamins moisturize and strengthen hair. NATURIA is designed for frequent use and all hair types. Gentle enough for everyday use, hair is soft, light and radiant.


This time-saving dry shampoo is a stylist’s secret weapon and a celebrity favorite. It instantly cleans hair without water to refresh and restore volume between regular shampoos. It absorbs excess oil, impurities and environmental odors so hair is lightly scented and full of bounce. Perfect for the gym bag, long flights, or the office drawer, this dry shampoo absorbs oil and other impurities in minutes leaving hair light and voluminous, without using water. It leaves hair lightly scented and refreshed while extending the life of regular shampoos. Use anywhere, anytime.