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Products for Hair Loss Prevention and Solution

At Truly You we carry a wide variety of hair loss products at our Mississauga clinic to treat hair loss and enhance your hair’s natural strength. We strongly recommend you contact us for a quick and free consultation to help address your needs.

Hair loss products Mississauga clinic

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    Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention

    Our Trichologist may recommend at-home LLLT therapy as part of your treatment plan, using The HairMax LaserBand 41.

    The HairMax LaserBand 41 delivers therapeutic light energy to stimulate hair follicles, reverse thinning, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and promote hair growth.

    • 41 Medical Grade Lasers
    • 246 Total Laser Coverage: When moved over scalp, 41 lasers x 6 areas
    • Fast Treatment Time: As little as 3 minutes per session, 3 days a week
    • Comfort-Flex Band Design: Suitable for all sizes & patented hair parting teeth allow light energy to be delivered to scalp & follicles.
    • Cordless and Lightweight: Only 6 oz, suitable for travel.

    CRLAB has developed a complete range of trichology products focusing on scalp health, which is integral for healthy hair growth. In their products, CRLAB combines the best of what both science and nature have to offer, including essential oils, plant stem cell extracts, precious stones, and active pharmaceutically derived ingredients. All CRLAB products for hair loss prevention available at our Toronto clinic are paraben and SLES free, cruelty free, and dermatologically tested to keep your scalp and hair in delicate balance.

    Hair Fact by Grace Biogen is an evidence-based, cyclical, nutritional therapy, designed to help strengthen hair follicles. This course of six oral supplements to be taken twice per week was designed to provide the correct amount of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For better results, ask our trichologist about how Hair Fact nutritional therapy can be incorporated into your personalized program for hair loss prevention at our Toronto clinic.

    René Furterer offers a collection of plant-based hair treatments designed to enhance and repair the hair and hair follicles. These hair and scalp treatments are personalized based on an assessment of the scalp and can repair and nourish damaged hair, deeply repair and nourish dry hair, and strengthen fine hair from the roots.

    Hair Loss Solutions

    The CNC by CRLAB is the latest in hair extensions technology and 100% custom to each client’s hair and scalp profile. The CNC is made with 3D printing technology, ensuring a precise fit to your desired area of coverage. Made using only unprocessed human hair, the CNC is hand-blended to perfectly match your natural hair and replicate its density and direction. These hair loss products available at our Mississauga clinic will make your hair look thicker in an instant.

    Our synthetic wigs are characterised by elegance, originality, and timeless beauty, and come in a variety of styles featuring realistic tonal tints with gentle highlights and lowlights. All of the synthetic wigs at our Mississauga clinic provide a natural feel and ease of maintenance using an almost undetectable lace hairline and translucent monofilament cap with advanced synthetic fibres. Combining elegance, couture-inspired fashion sense, gorgeous colours, and an airy scalp feel, these are some of the best synthetic women’s wigs in Toronto.

    Synthetic wigs Mississauga

    Human hair wigs available at our clinic provide the most natural look to our clients. The human hair wigs at our Mississauga clinic are knotted by hand onto a full monofilament, hand-tied cap and lace front using the finest natural hair available. As a result of expert craftsmanship they provide a light, smooth, and airy feeling for the scalp that is unmatched by other wigs, allowing for individual hairs to twist and move freely in any direction. Our human hair wigs can be dyed and styled easily, even with perms and using heat to achieve the look you want.

    Human hair wigs Toronto

    Our blended hair wigs combine the convenience of synthetic hair with the styling versatility of natural hair. Like our human hair wigs, the blended hair wigs at our Mississauga clinic have lace fronts to allow for perming to add volume, wave, and curl. The blended hair wigs at our Mississauga clinic feature a high proportion of natural hair, which provides colours with natural highlights and a rich tonal dimension and depth just like natural hair.

    Blended hair wigs Mississauga

    The European Refined human hair wigs at our Mississauga clinic are made from the highest quality human hair, giving you the look of natural, luxurious hair. Natural hair remains the most luscious texture in wigs providing an unmatched look and feel compared to other materials. The human hair wigs at our Mississauga clinic have an extraordinary styling flexibility and allow for drastic styling adjustments, like colour changes and even perms, making them some of the most versatile and highest quality women’s wigs in Toronto.

    Head coverings available at our Mississauga clinic are perfect alternatives to wigs, as well as a great way to enhance your style and add versatility to your wardrobe. At Truly You, we carry a wide selection of handpicked fashionable head coverings in our Mississauga clinic that are made from bamboo fabric. These head coverings are soft, breathable, and comfortable, providing scalp protection from heat loss and sun exposure.

    Head coverings Mississauga clinic

    Kamitek Hair Microfibres are designed to camouflage thinning areas of the scalp by enveloping each hair to instantly restore hair volume and density. Kamitek is the ideal solution to thinning hair for men and women, providing a quick and completely natural way to visually increase hair density. Thanks to their electrostatic properties, Kamitek fibres adhere to existing hair, efficiently filling out thinning areas on the top of your head. This is one of the simplest hair loss solutions available at our Mississauga clinic.


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