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Preventative Program: Your Hair Treatment Experience

Hair Treatment

At Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre, our qualified consultant provides service encompassing both the medical and cosmetic issues relating to scalp and hair health. We take the philosophy where beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, just like a plant in fertile soil.

It is impossible to understand the importance of human scalp hair without appreciating its sexual role – there is a vital link between self confidence, beauty and hair. We use it to draw attention to ourselves, to attract and entice, to flaunt and it is almost impossible to separate cosmetic care and problem solving care. There is no point in solving a particular problem if your hair is going to look horrible – or getting your hair to look wonderful if at the same time you are causing a problem. At Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre, we provide a highly professional and sympathetic approach at all times and maintain the highest standards in advice in hair and scalp treatments.

Our Capilia Consultation

All of our consultations are private and confidential. An initial consultation is likely to last up to an hour. During this time our client will fill out a detailed questionnaire, our consultant will ask many questions about your health, family history, lifestyle, diet, any medications and results of any recent test by your family doctor or dermatologist.

Scalp Analysis

Hair Treatment Centre

It is then followed by using a Micro camera to aid in the diagnosis of both hair loss and scalp problems. This is a highly powerful hand held camera which is capable of enlarging images up to 200 times. The live image is projected onto a monitor. Hair samples may also be examined under the camera for a more detailed analysis of the hair root.

At the end of your consultation you will be given a professional opinion on the cause of your hair loss or scalp problem and an explanation of the best approach to its management. At Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre, we pride ourselves on using a holistic approach to hair loss and scalp problems wherever possible.


We are then able to provide a prescription for your type of hair loss, scalp and hair conditions. To support these changes and speed up the recovery, we will recommend high quality dietary supplements, hair loss treatments and topical scalp treatments to use at home.

Cabin Treatment

It may be necessary for monthly cabin treatments particularly in cases of itch flaky scalp problems like scalp Eczema, Dermatitis and scalp Psoriasis and hair loss. Treatments at the centre can dramatically increase success rates of manaing these types of problem over home treatment alone.

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