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Natural Hair and Scalp Care in Mississauga

Truly You provides the safest and most dependable natural hair and scalp care solutions in Mississauga.

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    Private Consultation

    One of our expert Trichologists will meet with you privately to assess your scalp and hair loss condition. The first step is to determine the root cause of your condition – hormonal, genetic or health related. Our clinicians will then either refer you to a medical professional or recommend a mineral hair analysis. Finally, they will suggest the best natural hair care products in our Mississauga location for you.


    Scalp Evaluation

    Following your consultation, our Trichologist will complete a thorough scalp analysis to determine the precise condition of your scalp using our technologically advanced magnifying camera. This evaluation occurs before you buy natural hair care products in Mississauga at our natural scalp care store. This evaluation can help us determine which natural hair care products in our Mississauga store will be the most useful for you.



    Following your consultation and scalp evaluation, we will work with you to design a personalized program for you, including recommending the best natural scalp care products in our Mississauga store for your situation. Our experts work with professional medical recommendations before assisting you to buy our natural scalp care products. Here is Mississauga, our natural hair care store has everything you need to optimize the health of your hair.

    Our Natural Hair and Scalp Care Solutions

    We use CRLAB scalp care line from Bologna, Italy, which harnesses the power of nature and science in its clinically proven system to treat oil, dandruff and hair loss. The natural scalp care products at our Mississauga natural hair care store are custom created to support the ongoing health and wellness of your hair. Our experts will provide advice on solutions to both prevent and stop common hair and scalp ailments, such as itching, redness, dandruff, odour, oily scalp, hair thinning and hair loss. We believe that preventative care plays a powerful role in the vibrancy of your hair, and invite you in for a free consultation at Truly You Hair and Scalp Clinic today.