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Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic is the number one resource for non-surgical hair replacements in Toronto.

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    Free Assessment

    Are you seeking a reliable hair piece clinic near Oakville? At our hair topper centre located in Burlington, we provide a free consultation to prospective clients to help those experiencing the difficult effects of hair loss, baldness and thinning hair. Our experts will recommend the best postiche hair systems for all Oakville and Greater Toronto Area residents.



    Through photographic analysis, the experts at our hair piece clinic near Toronto can effectively and accurately decide the best type of postiche hair systems for you in Toronto. Our hair topper centre is staffed by the best experts in the industry, who will properly and patiently evaluate your scalp and situation before recommending custom non-surgical hair replacements in Toronto.


    Product Request

    Each of our products combines state of the art technology and artistry to guarantee the natural look and feel of your hair. The non-surgical solutions we order integrate seamlessly with your own hair, covering problem areas with either virgin or synthetic hair. With our trapeze hair replacement, Toronto clients and visitors to from Etobicoke to our hair piece clinic will the find peace of mind they deserve.


    Hair Installation

    We will smoothly restore your natural front hairline. For clients coming from Etobicoke, our hair piece clinic is a quick fifteen minute drive. Easily accessible to all residents of Etobicoke, our hair topper centre will patiently, efficiently and professional apply your new hair pieces as soon as possible. Your new hair is always installed and styled to meet your desired look.

    Our Hair Piece Solutions

    Truly You provides the synthetic and virgin hair solutions around Etobicoke. Our trapeze hair replacement system revitalizes the volume, look and feel of your hair, despite the severity of your hair loss problem. A full head of natural looking hair is guaranteed with all of our postiche hair systems in Etobicoke. These non-surgical hair replacements will make you feel like yourself again. Come from Etobicoke to our hair piece clinic today.