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For the woman who had temporarily lost her hair due to chemotherapy, the Expression services offer her the opportunity to complete her journey with us, as the new hair begins to grow back. Colour application can be done once the hair is at 1 ½ inches or 4 cm. With the Bess colour line, there is no risk of damaging the fragile new hair. Shaping and trimming the new hair growth can also help to give a fresh new look. All this is provided in the comfort of a private room.

The integration of hair systems and the styling design of full prosthesis is achieved in the Expression Program. On-going maintenance of colour, deep-conditioning, regular washing and maintenance as well as up-do’s for special occasions are some of the other services offered.

Personalized make-up application adds the finishing touch to a new look. At our centre we carry a complete line of mineral based colour cosmetics, safe for sensitive skin.

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