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Selecting a Wig Shop

Choosing the right wig can be a difficult decision. Look for a hair solution centre that can help make this a pleasant experience.

Here are some inquiries that we often get on the phone.

Q. Are you experienced in assisting women with hair loss from cancer treatments?

A: Yes, we have been working with women experiencing hair loss for over 15 years. Cancer has touched our lives, through family members or personally. With this experience, we approach our clients with empathy and understand. We are privileged to walk this journey with our clients.

Q. Do you have a private room to try on wigs?

A. Yes, privacy is very important to us. This is why we take appointments. You will be working directly with our Comfort Specialist. Here she will be walking you through the whole process on the appearance related side effects of cancer, especially the hair loss

Q. Do you carry a good selection of wigs?

A. Yes, we have over 500 wigs in synthetic, blends, human hair and European hair. Our goal is to find a wig that resembles your own hair as close as possible. We look at the colour, style and curl pattern of your present hair. If we do not have the correct wig in your colour, we will have it in within 4-5 days.

Q. Price range of wigs and services

A. Wigs come in different types of fibers, such as synthetic, blends and human hair. And also the construction will vary, from fully machine made wigs, to partly hand tied and fully hand tied. Therefore price will vary from $$300.00 up to $2,500.00

Q. Are any services included in the price?

A. Yes, at our centre we will provide cutting your hair ( our G.I. Jane buzz cut) when the time is right for you, scalp therapy, fitting and styling the wig and the wig care kit to maintain home care for your wig.

Q. What other products and service do you provide?

A. We carry hat, turbans, night caps, wig care kits, scalp treatment and any and other related products. Our services include reconditioning wigs, repairs, and a full hair salon services in private setting.

After making the call and obtaining all the information, ask yourself the following

1. Did I feel comfortable with the person I was speaking to?
2. Did I receive direct answers?
3. Did the person seem caring and professional?

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