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Losing Your Independence is Tough

Getting Sick isn’t something most of us think much about until we are diagnosed with an illness or condition. Thanks to medical advances and healthy living most of us will recover well and we can get on with our lives. But, it may not be the independent life we worked so hard to achieve.

Financial Plans

It would be a different story if one would include Critical Illness Insurance in their financial plans

Most men and women diagnosed with cancer, treating and coping with the illness, can occur significant and often unexpected costs. Critical Illness Insurance is designed to help finance these costs so you don’t have to dig into your Retirement savings, RSP’s and other investments, or going into debt to cover expenses. Critical Illness Insurance provides cash benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the conditions defined in your contract and you survive the waiting period.

What can I use the money for?

You can use the money to pay your rent or mortgage payments, cover your regular household bills or subsidize your income to pay for additional media costs not covered by private or government health plans.

Special medical needs not covered by health plans could amount to $30,000.00. Medical costs in the US could be approximately $50,000.00 depending on what treatment and where. There might also be a need for help with household chores which could amount to $5,200.00 or more per year. You might need a loved one to take time off work to look after you which you may want to or need to compensate. The choice on how to spend the lump sum insurance benefits is entirely yours.

So you can focus on what really matters….getting better.

Franca Perciballi

I have been an advisor since 1996. My journey into my profession began at the age of ten when my father became disabled due to a work-related accident. He was 40 years old, my mother was 31 and my sister was one year old. He passed away five years later. My mother had to be the sole bread winner since the accident. There was no disability insurance or life insurance. I will never forget the impact the two tragedies had on our family. We are all busy people and sometimes we don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with this very delicate and difficult subject. By asking questions I find out from you what your priorities are and creating appropriate programs to ensure financial security for you and your family. With a plan in place you will be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your personal and financial affairs have been taken care of in a professional, cost-efficient and caring manner. For More Information, contact Franca Perciballi, Financial Solution, (905) 828 7085

Our Crowning Glory

For women going through cancer treatments, it effects a woman’s day-to-day life in many important ways, including her physical, emotional and social well-being. Often changes in physical appearance will frame a woman’s outlook on life during treatment. In Fact, 86 percent of women say that looking good helps them to feel better, and seven in ten women feel that keeping up with their appearance gives them more confidence to cope with ongoing treatment.

Women who experience changes in appearance associated with treatment say that their overall quality of life was impacted because of such changes as hair loss and skin discoloration. More than half of these women fear their lives will never return to normal.

Alopecia Mississauga

For sixteen years, Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre has been assisting women and children with different types of hair loss such as cancer treatments, fine thinning hair or with alopecia, to regain their self confidence. Our centre understands the anxiety and uncertainly associated with the experience of hair loss, realizing that each client is unique and requires individual and custom solutions for their lifestyle, budge and the look they wish to achieve.

If you know of anyone who is experiencing hair loss, let them know that there are solutions for them and a place that will help them in a caring and private way- At Capilia Centre by Truly You, one will find the experience rewarding and fulfilling allowing her to face her hair loss with confidence.

Amalia Ruggiero

She is the founder of Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre in Mississauga and as such as become a recognized leader in the women’s hair replacement industry. It’s a business borne of personal understanding. In 1992, her mom and sister-in-law were diagnosed with cancer so Amalia Ruggiero took a sabbatical to dedicate her days to taking care of her family. In this role, the one wall that she came up against was in finding the resources to help her mom and sister-in-law address the appearance related side-effects that came with the disease. As a caregiver, I made a decision to put my energy towards helping women and children who were dealing with hair loss problems.

In 16 years Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre has grown to two locations: one at Credit Valley Hospital and the original at 1225 Queensway East, Unit #34, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 0G4.

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