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Good quality synthetic wigs in Mississauga are not as hard to find as you may think. Truly You carries a wide variety of synthetic wigs for you to choose from. Synthetic wigs are made from modacrylic fibers. Good quality synthetic wigs are almost indistinguishable from real hair wigs but at a fraction of the price.

Synthetic or human hair wig, which should I choose?

Most people incorrectly assume that human hair wigs are better than synthetic wigs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

To decide on which type is right for you, you have to decide what you’re going to use if for and how much you want to spend on a wig. For example if you like changing your look a lot, then a synthetic wig is for you. If you don’t want something of a high maintenance then a human hair wig might not be what you’re looking for. If you don’t want to wait for a wig to be specially made for you, then a synthetic wig is the fastest way to go.

What are the advantages of synthetic wigs?

Synthetic wigs are much cheaper than human hair wigs. Truly You provides only the highest quality synthetic wigs in Mississauga at the most affordable prices. Our specialists can help you choose the most comfortable wig in the privacy of our fitting room.

Synthetic wigs are very low maintenance, unlike human hair wigs, they don’t require styling after being washed. Being preset means you never have to waste any time with styling. Another advantage of being preset is that if they get wet by the pool or at the sea, they don’t lose their style.

Caring for your synthetic wig is extremely easy, basically all you have to do is gently wash it in a basin of lukewarm water, gently shake it and leave it to dry on a wig stand. Synthetic wigs dry quickly naturally. Truly You will give you comprehensive advice and tips on how to care for your wig.

Synthetic wigs don’t fade in the sun or lose their color.

What are the disadvantages of synthetic wigs?

Synthetic wigs are made from heat sensitive fibers and heat over 300 degrees will damage them. You can’t use curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners on synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wigs don’t last as long as human hair wigs, and can feel less natural to the touch. You can’t style and dye synthetic wigs as you can with human wigs.

Due to their synthetic nature, synthetic wigs may make you to perspire than human hair wigs, but don’t let that put you off, Truly You has an amazing range of hair and scalp treatments to keep your scalp healthy.

The best way to decide which is right for you is to get professional advice. Truly You can help you choose the right type of wig according to your needs. Never feel pressured to buy a wig straight away, wear it a bit in the shop and see how it feels. We offer the best synthetic wigs in Mississauga.

For sixteen years our staff at Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre is highly trained and experienced in the newest styling techniques, permanents, coloring, make-up, bone structure, and everything you need to feel like yourself. We understand the anxiety and uncertainty associated with the experience of hair loss, we realize that each client is unique and requires individual and custom solutions to fit their life style, budge and the look they wish to achieve.

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