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Reactional Hair Loss

There are many types and causes of hair loss and they can affect people from all walks of life and ages.

Truly You Hair Solution Centre offers a wide variety of services and hair solutions for all your hair loss replacement concerns.
They offer programs that will help you get your healthy hair back in a few sessions and they also have a variety of hair wigs that cannot be told apart from the real hair.

If you are one of the people who suffer from hair loss, it is very important to know what caused the ailment for you to be able to properly explain it to the experts once you make an appointment. In order to do this, you have to get all the information you need regarding hair loss and below is one of the major causes of loss of hair – the reactional hair loss.

The major factor which makes up the reactional hair loss ailment is stress. Whether it is emotional or physical stress, it always triggers loss of hair. Even if a person does not have the hair loss disease present in his or her genes, when stress gets in the way of your life, you will definitely begin to lose hair. Unfortunately for people who have the hair loss genes, once they are in emotional or physical stress, their ailments are sped up and they can lose hair at an early age compared to their ancestors. But before anyone suffers from hair loss due to stress, the stress that is experienced should be above the normal. Some of the things that could stress out a person a lot from the normal work stress are the parting of a loved one, getting into taxing sporting events, extensive training, harsh illness, when you have undergone surgery, depression, and sudden weight loss.

The drastic effect of stress tells your body to cease production and growth of new hair. This happens because the body deems hair growth and replacement not an essential for the body to survive. Instead, the body focuses all it energy to repair vital parts of our system that is greatly affected by stress. The symptoms of hair loss are usually felt after a couple of weeks and could last for months, and the amount of hair that you shred off from your body would be excessive. Also, low blood pressure, anemia and thyroid disorders can be a cause of loss of hair which leads to reactional hair loss. These symptoms can be easily detected by running some blood tests.

To battle this ailment, you can consult to Truly You Hair Solution Centre and ask for their preventative program for hair loss. Once you arrive at their clinic, their friendly and courteous consultants would guide you through their hair solutions and hair loss replacement programs, including quality and unrecognizable hair wigs. The conversation you make with their consultants is purely made confidential to protect you.

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